NQC 06 from afar

A few notes trickle in from NQC that I’ll pass along. First off, for those of you who haven’t gotten enough AGM coverage with avfl’s flood-the-zone approach, a friend in Louisville wrote to say that so far this week at NQC, “any talk of AGM was dismissive.” Evidently several prominent industry types have gone so far as to ask for a dial-down in the talk of there being full industry leadership buy-in to the AGM idea.

Where the concept goes from here is anybody’s guess. There is, I gather, a big PR event scheduled tomorrow, when some kind of alliance with LifeWay and Compassion will be announced. No doubt this will catalyze more conversation. One wonders, though, when the bookmakers will start taking odds on some of the “lower echelon” artists suddenly seeing their fortunes rise. Congratulations! You’ve already been pre-certified by NQC for a new career!

Anyway, in other news, the relocation of the exhibit hall to the South Wing has, according to one correspondent, “really affected the electricity in the air and the activity levels on the exhibit floor. It’s quite a hike from Freedom Hall to the [South Wing]. It inhibits/essentially eliminates the usual wondering to/from the singing to the exhibits.”

Finally, David Bruce Murray is synopsizing the evening lineups in fairly cursory way. Check it out.

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  1. RF wrote:

    I happened to notice tonight they had the awards and most of it was as predictable as can be, with one exception. The Traditional Male Quartet award always goes to the Inspirations, but tonight they announced there was a tie between the Inspirations and Signature Sound. Wow. Maybe there is hope, even if you loathe SSQ.

    I also found it interesting that of the 18 or so awards given, 8 were for Gaither artists: Wes Hampton (GVB), Kim Hopper (Hopers), Ivan Parker, Ernie Haase, Tim Duncan, and the Booth Brothers. Some of them multiple winners. And Gaither isn’t even here or isn’t allowed or whatever.

    Message to Clarke Beasley and NQC…bring Bill back. Like him or not, he is southern gospel’s biggest draw. to deny him and his groups is to deny the success NQC needs.

    Of course, long hair and no tie is more important, I guess.

  2. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Granted, the Inspirations won male quartet last year. But the previous time they had won that award was in 1978. Every year? Hardly!

    (For those who quibble at little details, it was “Favorite Group” back then. But it is roughly equivalent as far as prestige goes.)

    Additionally, the Hoppers are not really Gaither artists. They are former Gaither artists–in the same category as Les Beasley and the Florida Boys.

    But after all those details are out of the way–RF, I agree with your point. NQC ought to make peace with Gaither.

  3. Smells wrote:

    A while back I called Gaither’s office to find how much it would cost for a concert. The receptionist said that they are no longer doing public ???? I forget the exact word she used, but basically meant that they are only doing their own thing. So according to that, my guess would be that Gaither’s are more than welcome at nqc, they just choose not to go. Why would he, when he can make tons of more $$ doing his own thing? Also, does Gaither have a booth at nqc this year?

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