NQC 06: Rock Ribbed conservative fare

Today, a Courier-Journal columnist takes a stab at columnizing about NQC. I’m not sure where he got the idea that the trend up in Christian music sales means sg sales are doing equally well, but any coverage that’s more than the typical blind-man-on-a-fast horse approach is welcome. Take a look.

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  1. judi wrote:

    Hey, we are looking forward to your upcoming posts from NQC. Just got through re-capping DBM’s minimal coverage and it looks like he has left the hall today and headed home to finish watching the convention on iTV. And the C-J coverage is better than nothing, but this is a phenomenon that most journalists just don’t get. So, take it away, Avery! (BTW, the Lesters bus was back home on Castleman Avenue on Wednesday night.)

  2. Trent wrote:

    I am from Kentucky, and have read Bob Hill’s column many times in the Courier-Journal. He is a gifted writer. Hill is often cynical and isn’t above taking an occasional popshot at someone he is skeptical about. However, I felt that his review of NQC was tender and appreciative of the event. It sounds to me like he was effected by the music on the night he attended.

  3. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I thought the column was pretty good for an outsider’s point of view. The candy dishes and the mounted moose head he emphasized pale in comparison to some of the bizarre stuff you can see at a secular event. (I once saw a bloodied guy handcuffed to a power pole at a horse race.)

    That’s usually what columnizing is all about…making minor things seem significant. The Courier-Journal’s coverage has definitely been a step up over last year’s.
    Sorry I wasn’t more detailed this year, Judi. I was going to note every song I heard as I did last year, but I gave up on that idea after my ink pen died on me the first night.

    Next year, I plan to take a small digital recorder so I can make verbal comments and transcribe them later…or maybe something even better than that if I can work it out.

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