NQC 06: In the airport

It occurred to me on the plane to Orlando, where I had to make a connection to Louisville, that though I don’t really like lists – you know, top 10 this and best 5 ever of that – it might be a sufficiently distracting diversion from the irritations of air travel to make a list of the Best Gospel Song Endings (recorded). So far, I’ve got three, in descending order:

  1. The Greenes, “More Precious Than Gold,” 10th Anniversary Live
  2. The Hoppers, “Here I Am,” Greenville Live
  3. The Cathedrals, “Oh What A Savior,” Cathedrals Alive: Deep in the Heart of the Texas

Not surprisingly, I’ve written about all these songs and when I’ve got a more reliable internet connection, I’ll try to dig up the posts and link to them. For now, though, consider it your time to nominate a song for the list. These need not be from live recordings but it’s difficult to imagine a studio recording that can match the vitality and spontaneity of live performance. Also, I’m not that interested in the more conventional endings – mortgaged heavily to falsetto scream-offs and cartoonishly staggered resolutions in the style of the old Kingsmen, though high notes and staggered resolutions are certainly no disqualification. What I AM interested in are musically creative, well-sung, innovations on the classic quartet style ending.

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  1. jim davis wrote:

    One of my favorites is the “Champion of Love” ending performed by the Cathedrals on the Symphony recording. Gerald’s big voice always raised the hair on my neck whenever this record would play. (one of the last “records” before Cds became the staple on the product table)

  2. Perry cut wrote:

    I’m not sure the title of the song, but it’s from the Perrys’ live project “Absolutely, Positively Live.” The project was recorded around 1998 or 1999 when the group consisted of David Hill, Nicole Watts, Libbi and Tracy. Libbi hits an incredible note at the end of track No. 5 (We’ll See Jesus Christ the King - not sure if that’s the title or not). The last line is just that, “and we’ll see Jesus Christ the King.” Libbi belts into “the king” while pulled out of the microphone somewhat, giving it a little bit of an echo effect. She hits that after the group has turned it back around following the initial conclusion of the song. It floored me the first time I heard it. Give it a listen.

  3. Donny Henderson wrote:

    “Here I am” is one of my favorite endings too.

  4. MM wrote:

    “Champion Of Love” from the Cat’s Reunion Cd has to be close to the top. I would also nominate GVB’s “These Are They” from “A Few Good Men” While it is “studio clean” the a capella ending is a great musical moment

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