NQC 06: Thursday redux

I’m reprinting a note from a friend at the Thursday awards show, which David Bruce Murray recaps nicely here (for my part, I really wish he’d do this for the whole week, but gosh that must be exhausting and demanding; perhaps he should find a partner and switch off next year … it’s really an invaluable and, as per his title, “informative” resource … and yes, DBM seems to confirm that the Perrys did in fact give their award away. I think DBM is being euphemistcally polite to say that the Perrys always find a way to make their acceptances memorable … but no matter, it was a generous thing to do … now the Kingdom Heirs just need to give THEIR band award to the Crabbs and the world could tilt back onto its axis).

I enjoyed the day and a half I was there. Hated, of course, the exhibit hall placement. All the artists were complaining about it because all their sales were down — most of the senior citizens won’t walk half a mile to buy a new CD.

Caught the soloist showcase with Janet Paschal, Ivan and Anthony Burger’s stepdaughter Lori (who is going the Cher-Bono-Sting route in using only her first name.) I thought Paschal did well. The crowd really seemed to respond to her. Lori’s one song was “It Won’t Rain Always” using Paschal’s track, which I thought was weird, especially if you’ve heard Janet singing the bgvs!! There was also a pretty impressive tribute to Anthony. It included Gaither footage, of course, but it was used in the context of his life so it really paid tribute to his entire career, not just the Gaither years. (So, obviously, Bill didn’t produce it.)

As for the awards, I got frustrated during the awards when they kept announcing that everyone needs to stick around because “for the first time in history, we have a TIE in one of the most important categories!!!” I leaned over to a friend and said, “Yeah right – it’s probably some political fence-mending ploy like giving the Favorite Quartet Award to somebody really conservative like the Inspirations and somebody really edgy like Signature Sound!” Am I a psychic or what??! And then later, Jerry Kirksey really let it out of the bag about how trumped up it all was when he said “We had a tie, percentage-wise, in a major category.” Percentage-wise?? I thought the awards were based strictly on the number of votes. Hmmm….

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