NQC 06: Caught on (digital) tape

Chuck Peters of SGShowPrep fame and the roving reporter for the Southern Gospel Reporter caught up with me for a few minutes at NQC. We talk (briefly) about my blog philosophy, loving or hating avfl, and some of the names that the site didn’t get saddled with. Our conversation is streamable at Chuck‚Äôs website. Have a listen.

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  1. Smells wrote:

    How disappointing! I was really expecting to hear some bigger words. All I got was, disjointedness, empatisis, and obviousness. Did you really have to add ness to obvious to make it seem larger? HAHA I’m assuming that Chuck was not prepared for the interview, no offense, because I as a regular reader didn’t learn anything new.

  2. Smells wrote:

    Correction. Forewarned is a better word that prepared. Thanks

  3. Scott wrote:

    But subtle clues abound, such as you saying you didn’t want YOU to be the focus of the work, etc. That informs a good bit of the early stuff on the site–the anonymity, etc.

    I mean, were people really expecting you to reveal the nuclear launch codes or the hidden ingredient in Kentucky Fried Chicken?

  4. RK wrote:

    What, no interview with Southern Spin Radio???

  5. Chuck wrote:

    Yes.. it was kind a fluff type interview.. wasn’t it? I am surprised Douglas didn’t attack my “good guy” style.. and my generic Q&A in this piece. Looking back.. I agree… I was not prepared. I would like to do another interview.. perhaps even via email.

    I am better than this. I gave Avery a break.. and he probably didn’t expect it.


  6. Dean Conklin wrote:

    Chuck’s comments about preparation and “I am better than this” are interesting. A lot of times the SUBJECTS of interviews feel the same way, but we judge them anyway.+

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