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Dear reader, I confess. I am addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. The emotional pressure cooker of high-risk (and highly melodramatic) surgery, the vertiginous pitch of the surgical intern’s life, teetering dangerously between medical heroics and mortal cataclysms, the whiplashing between the highs of staunching multiple GSWs or saving abandoned newborns and the ordinary lows of trying to be your charming, beautiful, well-timed and oh-so-put-together actorly self. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s Knots Landing for Generation X (or Y or whatever I am … I can never remember). It stretches our suspension of disbelief beyond the limits of good faith, even by the perfidious standards of television (would a surgical intern really risk her whole career by essentially killing a patient because she loves him so much even though she’s only known him for the few weeks he’s been confined to a hospital bed waiting for a heart transplant? And ABC’s Seattle has the most architecurually sexy hospital on the planet, if this show is to be believed). But still … I am hooked. Not least of all because I’m a sucker for shows with good lighting and even better cinematic composition and I’m especially a sucker for well-lit, well-composed shows that use great music to emotionally pad scenes and gin up viewer affections (see this wonderful take-down of self-appointed Ritalin-generation spokeshipster Zach Braff for, among other things, the lazy genius of emotional padding in television and film). Which is all a Saturday-afternoon-rhapsody way of saying that I finally bought the two GA soundtrack cds and if you like indie-pop that hasn’t been trampled by radio, this is pretty good stuff. While I was there, I also got the new Dylan cd. He absolutely kills. Absolutely. Kills.

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  1. Nick wrote:

    I love me some Grey’s Anatomy, but I could certainly do without Dylan of any kind.

  2. Malcolm wrote:

    If you are “a sucker for shows with good lighting and even better cinematic composition and … especially a sucker for well-lit, well-composed shows that use great music to emotionally pad scenes and gin up viewer affections,” then maybe you were a fan of West Wing. At one point in that series, the White House Communications Director is questioning the Vice President about a task he (the VP) took on and asks “What do you know that I don’t?” The VP responds that “…the total tonnage of what I know that you don’t would fill volumes.”
    I think of this line often when I read your posts. Your rants could be more appropriately called “the innuendo of appearances.” The totaly tonnage of what you obviously do not know about the real issues in “southern gospel music and culture” would fill volumes.

  3. C.J. Russell wrote:

    All of those innuendo’s sure do generate a lot of discussion, and isn’t that really the point of the site?

  4. C.J. Russell wrote:

    I have to chuckle at Malcom’s comments..he states that the total tonnage of what Avery does not know about SG issues and music could fill volumes. I tend to agree with Avery on most issues. Having been in SG for many years I have to ask “what are the real issues” ?? So many to choose from. Please Malcolm fill us in. I read so many comments from people who REALLY don’t know what is going on in SG that I find Avery’s opinion’s, rant’s, and innunendo’s very refreshing.

  5. Jim wrote:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but what in the world does this have to do with Southern Gospel? Maybe you need another web site for television commentary.

  6. Jim2 wrote:

    I think the header says, Southern Gospel Music and culture. So depending how you read it, it could be culture and Southern Gospel Music, or, Southern Gospel Music and Southern Gospel Culture. Sometimes all the SG stuff brings me down, and I could use a little culture.
    There is a great tribute to Bob Dylan’s songwriting on the Gospel album “Gotta Serve Somebody” with performances by the Fairfield Four, Shirley Caesar, Helen Baylor among others. It is really good!
    So even if, like me, you can’t handle Dylan’s voice or delivery, you can still hear these great songs by some powerful voices - a whole new perspective.
    Speaking of perspectives, that’s what I appreciate about this blog - Doug’s perspective - about whatever, though I can relate to the SG part more than the other. For example, I loved the Bobby Lounge link, but couldn’t care less about Lark News. No big deal - If I’m intrigued, I read on, if not, no big deal - it’s his site, he posts what he wants - I’ll still be checking regularly - you can’t find this brand of refreshing honesty in many other places.

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