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For those of you jonesin’ for some Crabb news, Daniel Mount (whose new blog I have failed to welcome to the wormhole until now … my apologies) has the round up here. Mount will also give you your “quibble with Avery” fix should that be one of your pasttimes (not that there’s anything wrong with that). For one thing, he seems to be a proud booster of the AGM concept — not anything wrong with that either (so long as you’re prepared for what happens when the honeymoon of Great Expecations is over), though I would caution all AGMers to read carefully. Planning for a Carnegie Hall concert isn’t the same thing as actually having booked Carnegie Hall, just as getting the fledgling church music division of Lifeway to smile and nod with you at a press conference is not the same thing as corporate buy-in from the Southern Baptist Convention. But now who’s quibbling.

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  1. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Lifeway’s church music division is hardly new or inexperienced. They’ve been re-distributing the church choral products of companies like Word, Brentwood-Benson, and Lillenas for years. I consider their in-house line of Genevox church music products to be fourth in line in terms of consistent quality behind the “big three.”

    On the other hand, I agree Lifeway’s participation is far from tantamount to a blanket endorsement of AGM by the SBC.

  2. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Well, thanks for the mention. :)

    “Mount will also give you your ‘quibble with Avery’ fix should that be one of your pasttimes (not that there‚Äôs anything wrong with that).”

    Now does this mean you’re expecting me to do something to live up to expectations? :D

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