Name dropping: Gaither and AGM

Alert reader RPP writes in to note that as the credits rolled last night on Gaither Classics (episode 213) — a tribute to members of the Homecoming Friends who have died since the series was started — Bill Gaither in an overdub said something about (and this RPP’s recollection):

“…the people who sing here are stars of Southern Gospel and American Gospel Music” (roughly accurate but the AGM reference was the last thing in the sentence). Was it a generic or intentional reference to AGM? Don’t know but it certainly got my attention.

Like RPP, I too find it a curious reference. If it’s coincidence (and may very well be) then it probably amounts to little more than a piece of trivia. If it’s more than that, then I guess it could cut both ways for AGM the franchise: on the one hand, Gaither’s got the midas touch and having AGM associated with him, even distantly and in passing, is a plus (except of course that AGM as a franchise is quite explicitly positioning itself away from Gaither). On the other hand, Gaither’s brand is pretty strong, and all he’d have to do is mention the term in a few key contexts to pretty much make it his, or at the very least, create a great deal of confusion about what and who AGM the brand refers to. Which in turn raises the interesting question of how vigorously AGM the franchise would/will be about enforcing its copyright and other legal claims to the use of the brand name. A legal fued between NQC and the BG Empire would be the Christian music equivalent of the TomKat baby. But like I say, it was probably just a trivial coincidence.

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  1. Tom wrote:

    Interesting timing, but I’d be inclined to agree with your conclusion that this is probably a coincidence. Since Gaither draws his performers from a bigger pool than what is typically considered sg, the additional, more generic reference to American gospel is most likely an effort to include Homecoming fan favorites like Lynda Randle, Jessy Dixon, Reggie & Ladye Love Smith, etc.

  2. RF wrote:

    If the videos (DVD’s) were the “Homecoming Classics” of which there were 4, these are at least a year old which would make the comment a coincidence. Since the formation of AGM, the only videos released are the South African Homecoming duo.

    Just coincidence. You can bet your bippy that Gaither will have nothing to do with AGM. And from the looks of it, few others will too — unless they are forced to to get bookings. Nothing like intimidation, right?

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