SG in the celebrity world, or not

1. It’s late, I can’t sleep, so I’ll run this one up the flag pole for the sake of a distraction. Thus JM:

I have tried to find out if there is a biological connnection between John Goodman and Vestal and Howard. Can you confirm or deny this? There is no denying how much John looks like Howard. They even talk alike. If there is a connection, why has this never been realized by the general public?

I have no idea, but presume it’s just a coincidence … but like I said, a distraction.

2. This one, I’m reluctant to put out there just because associating anything with Donald Rumsfeld is like the mark of death (all too often literally, alas). But here goes. Thus TM:

FWIW: I don’t know if you saw it or not (I’m guessing you didn’t, since it was on Fox News), but there was a one hour special on Donald Rumsfeld (”Why He Fights”) that aired on Fox News last night. Reporter Bret Baier asked Rumsfeld about his faith. One of Rummy’s comments was that if, for some reason, he wasn’t able to attend church on a given Sunday, he would listen to “country gospel music” instead. There wasn’t any further elaboration or any artists mentioned, so it’s a little hard to determine exactly what he means by “country gospel music.” It certainly isn’t as common a term as “southern gospel,” but sg outsiders occasionally use that term when they refer to sg, and a few sg artists–e.g., the Hinsons–routinely use(d) that term themselves to describe their musical style.

Rumsfeld isn’t known for vocal statements of Christian faith like others in the current administration, and I wasn’t able to find any sources that mention his denominational background. But I’m quite confident that he’s not an evangelical, which makes it even more interesting. But then, I’m not an evangelical, either.

Probably meaningless, but I found it intriguing . . . .

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  1. sogo_lover wrote:

    According to, John Goodman’s father was a postal worker who passed one month before John’s second birthday.

  2. Scott wrote:

    He’s from St. Louis, so probably not related to Howard, but could be related to Avery.

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