Shot across the bow

Wow. Luann Burger pretty put much NQC on notice about all things Pianorama. Chuck Peters has the goods.

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  1. anonymous wrote:

    Google Dino and Pianorama…maybe it WASN’T Anthony’s idea!

  2. anonymous2 wrote:

    I don’t mean this to be smart, but, why does it matter who coined the phrase “pianaroma”. Just a question.

  3. Brad wrote:

    Anonymous2, try opening a restaurant and naming it “Mcdonald’s” and you’ll soon find out why trademarks matter.

  4. anonymous2 wrote:

    I understand trademarks, but, I think this is hardly the same thing. Are they wanting to make money off the NQC pianaroma and were they before his death? Again, I am not being sarcastic. Just a couple of questions. I’m sure there are a lot of people like me that didn’t know about this.

  5. Chuck Peters wrote:

    I am not close to the issue.. and really don’t know for sure. However.. with what little I have been able to sense.. it may be mostly the NQC’s attitude.. and other SG persons handling of the situation.. with little regard for Anthony’s interests,.. before or after his death.

  6. anonymous wrote:

    i think SOMEONE (I wont name names) is opening their big mouths when they should keep it SHUT and let SLEEPING DOGS LIE!!!

  7. NG wrote:

    Dino copyrighted the trademark “Pianorama of Praise” in 1984. It was cancelled after a six-year period and not renewed by Dino.

    Burger applied to copyright “Pianorama” in March 2001 and the copyright was registered to him in December 2002.

    Most southern gospel groups don’t bother to copyright their names. Bill Gaither is a notable exception.

  8. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Most groups don’t copyright names, because there is no such thing as a copyrighted group name. Copyrights apply to creative works like songs, books, movies, and art, not “doing business as” names.

    A number of groups do trademark names, though, which is probably what you meant to say.

  9. Jim2 wrote:

    Other than the smell, what is the difference between “Pianorama” and “Pianaroma”?

  10. Tim G wrote:

    my, my my, how we Christians get our backs up when money/potential money/ is involved. “Keep our mouth shut” ???, “Let sleeping dogs lie” ???, “Big mouth”???

    With that kind of attitude in the mix, I encourage Luann to persue legal resolution to the issue of who “owns” the name pianorama.

    And I would encourage Anonymous to consider a trip to the altar.

  11. Third Verse wrote:

    She has every right to follow up on Anthony’s creation and she has every right to earn a profit from his work. How did Anthony trademark it, start it but not be invited the last few years? There is the story..Get that answer and you will know the true meaning to the trademark scenario.

  12. leslie wrote:

    Wonder what Eva and her boys are entitled to? Just wondering…

  13. Dean Conklin wrote:

    For the uneducated, like me, just who is Eva?

  14. Doc wrote:

    Please, I urge you, rename the event and let others worry about Mr Burger’s legacy.

  15. leslie wrote:

    Eva is the FIRST Mrs. Anthony Burger and the mother of his two Biological children

  16. Marde Moss wrote:

    I didn’t know Anthony had been married before nor did I know he had 2 biological children. I think in the tribute video I saw a tall boy, who is probably his son. How old are the children and who was his first wife? It seems that she should be in on some of the $$ from his estate. How long had he been married to Luuann?

  17. leslie wrote:

    Eva and Anthony were introduced by Foxxy of the Kingsmen Qt. They married in the early eighties and were married for 20-22 years. They have two sons, Anthony John Burger, Jr. (AJ) and Austin, ages 16 and 13 respectively. Eva and Anthony divorced in 2002, and Anthony remarried Luann in 2002. She was formally married to Gary Apple, (sang with Jerry Goff and other groups and traveled with Anthony some. His sister Karen Apple was with The Speer family). Lori is the daughter of Gary and Luann. Anthony and Luann were married about four years.

  18. T. Burger wrote:

    Anthony Burger has a family that he was very close to. This Luanne ” Burger”.. and “Lori ” were only part of his life the last 4 YEARS OF HIS LIFE. This was because he and Luanne married 4 years prior to his death. He has ONLY 2 Sons! I don’t know why Luanne and Lori keep saying Lori was his daughter, she is not! Her name is Lori Apple and her dad is Gary Apple. If you look on any website on ” Anthony Burger”..these 2 are all over it! We ( Anthony’s family) do not keep in contact with these 2. They act and write like they really “keep up with Anthony’s family”..they don’t !! I am tired of these two still to this day- trying to be part of his legacy and take credit for what HE DID! We all know that they made sure “they were taken care of the rest of their life- on Anthony’s account”.and because Anthony was still married to Luanne at the time of his death, naturally she now OWNS his name..but. .Anthony worked so hard and for all of his life. And we all hate that she has got away with what she has done. We know there is nothing that can be done now and we know we can’t bring him back to fix this mess- But thankfully, his only 2 sons did get a little. Even though we know what his wishes would have been, we are sad that there is nothing we can do to fix it……..We Love You Anthony Burger! We Miss You So Much!! From your family..

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