Slightly OT: the next (dwindling) generation of evangelicals

This story from the New York Times (free registration required) about evangelicals openly, vocally fearing the loss of youth and what it means for the future of evangecalism might be of some tangential interest to readers of this site.
I honestly don’t know enough about on-the-ground realities of evangelical church life anymore to comment on this one way or another. The skeptic in me sees the possibility that there may be some chicken-littling going on here within a culture that is above averagely attuned to perceived persecutions and (imagined?) threats, which might make leaders prone to overreact to a few scary looking statistics. But then again, if this is for real, then it might be of passing interest to a generation of southern gospel leaders and performers who rely on the evangelical church for their market base. Enjoy (or, if you lead an evangelical congregation - or an outfit called AGM - maybe not).

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  1. Brandon wrote:

    Could it be that our “post-Christian America” is causing a shake down which will reveal the real divide between the true church and “casual Christians”?

    As a Southern Baptist, we report around 16 million members of SBC churches. However, stats show that only about 4 million people show up week in and week out. For integrity sake, I would be much more comfortable saying that the SBC is compromised of 4 million serious followers of Jesus Christ rather than an inflated number that is supposed to make the denomination look stronger.

    Maybe as the spiritual heat begins to rise in the culture the numbers are beginning to show that the fluff is being burned off???

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