Sorting mail

It’s official. The incoming avfl spam is out of control. I put a whole new division of interns on the problem but, getting what you pay for and all, that really didn’t seem to help much. The executive summary reads something like this: managing four different email accounts and moderating comments means that several different mailboxes becomes simultaneously overstuffed, what with the forwarding and consolidating I try to do through Outlook, and the mail that needs attending gets buried under a thousand promises of African riches and other forms of largesse. Ergo, the avfl mailbox is getting a massive purge soon. Which means, PM, I probably won’t get to respond personally and apologize for not connecting in Lville. JL, thanks for the October tickets (the offer — and the demand — were generous), but I won’t be able to make it, alas. Another time? Everyone else, especially those people who are chaffing at the new comments scheme, be patient or alternatively, just ignore the comments and email me directly. I’ll still get your emails and as per usual will use the best stuff in regular posts.

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