Goodmans memorabilia

A copy of O Happy Day, the story of the Happy Goodmans, signed by Rusty, Sam, Vestal, and Howard goes on the block at ebay (hat tip, TM).

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  1. Dean Adkins wrote:

    De gustibus non est disputandum!

    Dean Adkins

  2. Scott wrote:

    And speaking of taste, well, the book is credited to Buckingham, but he only narrates the first few chapters–the rest of the book is an “as told to” by Howard.

    It’s a bit cloying….

  3. Snarfie wrote:

    Ain’t it the truth! LOL But, someone’s sure to buy it.

  4. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Dean… how much did you bid?

  5. Dean Adkins wrote:

    I have the one I bought in 1973 (cost $5.95). I have always enjoyed reading the history of groups (even those that aren’t my favorite!!!)

  6. Mark Fuller wrote:

    I noticed the book is now available again at for $20.00.

  7. Scott wrote:

    Yes–but note that the original version lists Jamie Buckingham as the author. This version lists Howard as the author with an added “as told to Jamie Buckingham.” I’ve often wondered how much “work” the book needed before publication. I never thought the flow of this book was very good.

    By the same token, I’ve often wondered how much work Ken Abraham had to do on “Vestal.” I think that book does capture her cadence pretty well…darlin’.

  8. Matthew Jenkins wrote:

    In response to Ken Abraham, he is a WONDERFUL writer and spends INCREDIBLE amounts of time with his subjects to get their “feel” right! I would say he is probably one of the great American Authors of our time!!!!

  9. sue hanks wrote:

    I have a copy signed printed in 1973 anyone want to buy it?

  10. Preacherman101 wrote:

    sue hanks…how much are you asking for your copy of the book?

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