Big Changes with the Lesters

This could really be something: From Chuck Peters’ ShowPrep:

Ginger Pitchers [Brian Lester’s sister] and her daughter Jenny Revelle are returning to the Lesters. They will be replacing Liz McMillan and Trecia Cisneros. Pitchers and Revelle will be joining Brian and Jonathan Lester in their family ministry, at least until the end of the year.

I hate to see Cisneros go. Her voice is among the best (and most underrated) on the road today. But Pitchers is the kind of ace-in-hole (expert arranger, player, vocalist) that can make the difference between good and better or best and I still remember the year her daughter knocked the top of my head off with a walk-on solo with the Ls back in the late 1990s at NQC. Let’s hope they live up to just half of these expectations and there might well be something to pause and ponder over. Now if they can just sign with a real label …

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  1. Jill wrote:

    I was glad to read that yesterday. I have always enjoyed the Lesters tight harmony when Ginger was with them. I think it is hard to go off the road when singing is in your blood. By the way, where is Gingers husband?

  2. Dan wrote:

    The phrase “at least until the end of the year” concerns me. It’s great to see Ginger and Jenny back, but I hope its longer than 2 and a half months.

  3. judi wrote:

    Last week the bus was parked at 39th and Castleman all week and we thought that perhaps the Lesters had come off the road. This week, it’s gone again. Hope this change gives them all a lift.

  4. Diana wrote:

    I haven’t heard the Lesters except with the current lineup, but I sure hate to see Liz being replaced. She has a wonderful voice.

  5. Brad wrote:

    I am good friends with Trecia and Liz, as well as the entire Lesters gang, and I think it is the season for change. Trecia joined the Lesters at such a young age, and has had awesome career with the Lesters. Liz was recently married. It is time for the two of them to settle down and think about their families. As far as Brian…Brian has a true heart to minister the gospel. I know the Lord sees that, and He will provide if Jenny and Ginger don’t decide to stay. By the way, there is nothing like family harmony. I’m glad to see them back.

  6. James wrote:

    It is good to hear Ginger & jenny are returning to sing with the group. it is also good to hear Trecia & Liz are leaving for good changes in their lives. Is Dan Pitchers still serving in their home church? His humor has been missed also.

  7. Jerrod wrote:

    I miss Trecia. She had one of the most beautiful voices in Southern Gospel music. Not to mention one of the most beautiful faces. I am only sad that I didn’t get to see them until the end of August for the first time.

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