LeFevre Quartet (not) on the NQC mainstage: whine and cheese

Via Daniel Mount, David Staton of the LeFevre Quartet tries to take a page from the Sherri Easter playbook and drum up some populist outrage over an NQC mainstage decision, in this case the board’s choice not to put TLQ on the mainstage in 2007. I don’t really have an opinion one way or another (they were underwhelming enough at their NQC 2006 showcase to justify the board’s decision in my opinion, no matter what the fan awards say), but has anyone else noticed that Mike LeFevre’s role in this quartet seems bascially to be the titular namesake and baritone of the group while Staton does all the public talking? This is a curious arrangement, especially given that Staton seems to be a bit, erhm, rhetorically intemperate at times (I mean, antagonizing an autocratic and authoritarian outfit like the NQC board doesn’t seem like the best way to get what Staton wants in this case; see here for Staton’s earlier 15 seconds of infamy) Anyway, my money’s still on Sherri Easter. Kill ‘em with ruthless kindness.

Update: Looks like they’ve finally gotten their way. At least they appear on the Thursday night NQC line up now.

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  1. Ed Butler wrote:

    If this quartet sticks around with relatively consistent personnel for three or four good recordings - they will be around long-term. Mike Lefevre has put together a very good quartet with solid singing and arrangements. Eventually - if Staton does not do harm to their reputation - they will be a feature group.

    This is not the first time a group has won an award (Horizon Group or whatever) and not been featured the next year.


  2. jb wrote:

    There are so many things that I don’t understand about the NQC and I have stopped trying to figure it out, however, I do think we are missing out on a lot of quality singers because they don’t have “the name”. I know The Chuck Wagon Gang has been around for decades, but, I still can’t figure out how they made it to the main stage on Fri. or Sat. night, whichever it was, this yr. I listen to Enlighten on XM radio and I hear alot of the groups that I see their ads in the singing news. I think the NQC should consider 1 night alone for the groups who are in the Exhibit Hall who never get on stage. I don’t mean an afternoon showcase, I mean main stage, at night. We are truly missing out on some good quality, spirit filled singing.

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