Second Mile meltdown

Update: Several commenters have asked about where Buddy Mullins’ wife, Kerri, is in all this since she was the third member of the trio. I only know what I read, but I assume that whatever transpired amongst Mullins, Henderson, and Eleton, Kerri Mullins went the way of her husband. And just for grins and giggles, I’ll point you to my first post about Second Mile, for posterity’s sake. I guess time will tell if I was right or not to be skeptical about the group’s formation.

From reader WC comes a mass email from Donny Henderson, head honcho of the genre-bending group Second Mile. It’s one of those classic “talk around the problem and avoid the nasty issue at the heart of things” so it’s impossible to tell what really happened, but it doesn’t take the Great Carnac to divine that some kind of meltdown has pretty much obliterated Second Mile. Thus Henderson (I’m picking up somewhere in the middle of the email):

Second Mile will be undergoing some dramatic changes. The first of which is the addition of some new faces. Channing Eleton and Buddy Mullins will no longer be a part of my group, Second Mile. These guys are talented performers and will, I am sure, find a place where they can continue to use their gifts. If we lift up the name of Jesus, people will be drawn to Him. This has been the mission of Second Mile from the beginning, and I am sure that Channing and Buddy will adopt this philosophy in whatever they choose to do next.

Of course, with this transition will come some growing pains. I thank you in advance for your patience. We are not quite yet finished with the selection of our new team members but we hope to make an announcement about that very soon. Our board, along with my publishing administrator, producer, and co-writers are in the process of writing and selecting new material for Second Mile. Additionally, Second Mile will eventually be seeking an alternate form of transportation, as the bus and trailer that we have been traveling in is the property of Channing Eleton’s father and will no longer be available to us.

[snip …]

With all of that said, Second Mile, at least for the short term, will not be the main focus of my attention.

So Buddy and Channing are out, or were fired or quit, and Channing took his bus and trailer with. And somehow Second Mile is both looking for new talent and material and getting put on the back burner? Uhm, ok. I’m sure there’s much more going on here, but there’s a thou-protesth-too-much quality to Henderson’s soothing, even-keeled tone. I wouldn’t really advise anyone to actually do this, but there is something refreshing to Rabbit Easter approach to breaking the ties that bind.

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  1. Confused wrote:

    I’m confused. Wasn’t there are female vocalist in the group too? What was her demise?

  2. LIFE GOES ON wrote:

    I really liked Second Mile’s sound and hate to hear that they are going through a setback, but being the eternal optimist….life goes on.

    I can’t wait to see what Donny puts together. I’m sure it will be great. I just hope that he won’t put Second Mile on the back burner for too long.

    I attended a Second Mile concert a few weeks ago and purchased one of just about every CD offered at the product table. In all honesty I thought that Donny’s original songs on his solo CD were better than about anything on the Second Mile CD (which I loved, by the way). I hope that as he reforms the group, he will incorporate more of his original stuff if for no other reason, so I won’t have to buy seperate CD’s.

    Good luck to Donny, Buddy, Channing, and the girl and drummer kid (sorry, I forget their names and I don’t have the CD with me) in whatever path God chooses to lead them.

  3. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    It’s interesting that Henderson says, “Of course, the official site can still be found at

    When you actually go to the site, there’s nothing but a blank white page…as if they just vanished away…

  4. Steve wrote:

    Anyway, what about Buddy’s wife? She’s in the group…

  5. Kyle wrote:

    I was always under the impression that Buddy was the “star” of the group. All the press releases I saw were usually pushing Buddy and Channing to the front (maybe that could be part of the problem)….

  6. Big Ken 54 wrote:

    Apparently, his life term was commuted for good behavior. This quote is from the November 2005 announcement of Channing joining Second Mile: “Christina and I have prayed for an opportunity to be a part of something like this… We are excited about partnering in ministry with these two great families.” Says Channing. “We have already fallen in love with Second Mile, and look forward to “doing life” with the Mullins and the Hendersons.”

  7. Lori Elizabeth wrote:

    I really think there was enough talent in the group between Donny, Buddy and his wife and Channing for each of them to have done their own thing and still have succeeded. I’m not quite certain if it is fair to assume that something so dire could have torn the group apart. Sometimes its as simple as “artistic differences”. Really, artistic differences” are the million small things that make individuals great which, in turn, can cause a group to be absolutely outstanding. However, like most things in life, the group was only destined to be together for a season. Now their “differences” could be the trigger that catapolts each of them to the next level. So, regardless of who is in and who has moved on…it really doesn’t matter. Talent is talent and if its pure and true it will re-surface and perhaps have the ability to draw in twice as many. Wow, something good rising from the ashes…imagine that!

  8. ME wrote:

    Here’s the deal. Buddy, Christina, Channing, and Paul Lancaster have started a group, or have kept one going without Donny. All is well in this new camp, they have all the stuff while it seems Donny only has a right to a name?????

  9. Pearl wrote:

    Wow! all of this is very enlightening. I am familiar with Second Mile, because they came to my church one night and I thought they were great. It was really a moving night. I was under the impression that Buddy Mullins, along with his wife, were the lead singers of the group and so I assumed that they were the ones who originated the group as well. I have never seen Donny before Second Mile like I had heard of Buddy Mullins. I really enjoyed the keyboardist and the young man on the percussions too. Hate to hear of the sad news that Second Mile is no longer. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  10. Bob wrote:

    So, once again Buddy is teaming up with Paul for another venture? Something seems amiss with Buddy. He is a talented guy (I’ve known him for most of my life) but seems to not have that stick-to-itiveness that is necessary to maintian a group.

  11. HLB wrote:

    I’ve also known Buddy for a long time as well. I think that having Mullins & Co./Sunday Drive for over 20 years is a prime example of “stick-to-itiveness.” You must not know Buddy as well as you think…

  12. Bob wrote:

    HLB, why then has Paul (and Buddy for that matter) sang with countless numbers of groups in a vain effort to find some place to stick? Let’s face it. Look where the travels have taken them and look where they are now. The very same place they were to begin with. What’s up with that?? What makes this time any better than the last?

  13. Kyle wrote:

    I still haven’t figured out what the deal was with Buddy and the GVB. That “Testify” CD remains one of my favorite projects. Buddy seemed like the interim singer while Bill tried to find a permanent replacement for Mike English.

    As for Paul, it seemed that every time I turned around, she was singing with another group. He did one disc with the Martins, then moved over to Karen Peck & New River (which I always thought was kinda funny because they never did an official publicity shot with Paul in the group….all of the photos I saw had him Photoshopped into the picture from a Martins publicity shot).

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in a group with friends, or people that you have a history with, but unless you are willing to stick it out and WORK, then you might as well just forget it.

  14. Mike Datlof wrote:

    Second Mile performed at Jubilee by the Sea at Grand Strand Baptist Church in Myrtle Beach in early November without Donny Henderson. The rest of the band was there, with a vocalist that I didn’t recognize; and sounded every bit as good as when they visited in the summer.

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