Every Day Driven

As you may have seen from a comment in the Second Mile thread, it looks like Buddy Mullins and his wife, Channing Eleton and Paul Lancaster have formed a new group. See here. I kind of like the name, about as much as I did Second Mile, for what that’s worth. I had heard that Paul Lancaster, perpetually a vocal fill-in and general can-do singer, was supposed to be part of Second Mile in the first place. I guess a few other people thought so as well. Anyway, the group already has three dates. Driven indeed.

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  1. William wrote:

    From a talent perspective they have great potential. Just curious to see how long they last considering Buddy and Paul haven’t had long tenures with anybody lately.

    Paul shares some comments here http://sogospelnews.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20538

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