Rick Goodman, at it again

Via Chuck Peters ShowPrep:

According to a press release from Goodman Family Ministries, the organization is offering, through an authorized seller, furniture items once owned by Howard and Vestal Goodman. The media info says that Southern Gospel Music fans and Music Memorabilia collectors may visit eBay to bid on.. “a beautiful leather sofa with two matching chairs and ottomans that were used daily by Howard Goodman and his wife Vestal Goodman of the Happy Goodman Family. “The seller adds: “Howard and Vestal Goodman sat on these daily while drinking their coffee and reading their Bibles. If this set could talk, oh my, what stories it could tell. Many of Nashville’s music industry elite would stop by the Goodmans’ home for a visit and a piece of Vestal’s famous coconut cake.”

The link to ebay that Chuck provided says the item is no longer available. Which I guess we can take as another of life’s small blessings.

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  1. Trent wrote:

    I agree with you, Avery. It is hard for me to implicate Rick here, though.

    Let’s take a look at a common occurrence. Is a person being opportunistic when he puts all of his parents’ belongings up for auction in an estate sale in their front yard? Every last piece of their possessions–private & public–are cast onto farm wagons for people to pilfer through. Today, many of these very people are at the auction so they can find something to sell on eBay.

    Most people don’t think having such an estate auction is wrong or bad in any way. I don’t think so, either. Yet, if this man sees the financial validity in putting his folks’ stuff up for bid worldwide via the ‘Net, we all want to crucify him.

    Does he have a problem or do we?

  2. Tara wrote:

    I love that they added the part about them reading their Bible on the set everyday. It’s so sad to exploit them like this. As if the Vestal Bear wasn’t bad enough…

  3. Brad wrote:

    I’m one of those people that looks for items at auctions, flea markets and garage sales for items to sell on e-bay. So, I don’t have a problem with Rick doing this.
    What I think is tacky though is on the Greene’s site where they are asking for $$ for bus fuel on one of their pages, while on another page placing a link to one of their houses for sale for $399k.

  4. Thom wrote:

    People are quick to criticize when they don’t know all the facts. I know Rick personally and he tells me that Vestal instructed him to sell whatever they did not want. Many people assume that Howard and Vestal left a fortune to their family. Had they not been taken advantage of and exploited BEFORE their deaths, by people other than Rick, that would be true. But, unfortunately, much of the money they worked all their lives for was pilfered or misspent before they had a chance to leave an inheritance. I will not elaborate further, but simply say this: “fault is always easy to find.” Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you criticize the decisions they make. Rightful heirs are free to do as they wish and Rick is simply doing what he feels is best.

  5. Tom wrote:

    The other Thom, what are you talking about? I didn’t think they left a fortune; however, with their connections, it is hard to believe they were destitue. Details, please.

  6. King wrote:

    Well, well, well…isn’t the internet just grand! It provides a place for all of the cowards who normally wouldn’t have the nerve to speak up and voice their opinions to ones face to cowardly hide behind a computer and type away…. I am familiar with the Goodman ’situation’ and I feel that what Rick did was and IS in keeping with Vestal and Howards final request. Die hard fans have always wanted to feel ‘close’ to these gospel legends and when their items were sold, it was that intention, that fans would have a piece that they could cherish of the Goodmans… Botom line is it is the familys right to do as they please… Geee’s folks GET A LIFE and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. doug inCanada, eh? wrote:

    I just finished reading Vestal’s life story…and still grieve her leaving. Let us all just stop this banter, and pray for those involved…however they are involved. Pray that the Lord will heal whatever needs to be healed. I truly believe that is what Vestal and her beloved hubby would have wanted.

  8. Chris Hutchings wrote:

    I am a HUGE Happy Goodmans’ Fan — huge! I would have been honored to have had those furniture pieces for my home. I find nothing wrong with Rick selling the items. From all outward appearances, Howard and Vestal protrayed wealth. From Vestal’s 5-tier dimond ring (which was probably a gift) to their lavish home in Brentwood, Tennessee, they appeared financially well off. They worked very hard to attain it and it is only their business. I will always be a fan of the Happy Goodmans. Their songs continue to reach audiences even years after their deaths. They were fine, fine people.

    Chris Hutchings

  9. Larry Corbett wrote:

    I read years ago they were the first Gospel Group to earn a Million Dollars a year.

  10. Rosalie Dann wrote:

    I read that they sold all of their possessions to go on the road as evangelists when they started. If God saw fit to prosper and bless them in their latter years, sufficient to give them a very comfortable life after their years of doing without for His sake, I for one have no problem with that. As to their inheritance - it is not mine so it is none of my concern what the family do with it.

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