A Hall of Fame suggestion

Corresponding with a friend this afternoon, I talked myself into a more constructively concrete way of expressing what I’ve been trying (and, I think/fear, failing) to say about the Hall of Fame and the place of women in gospel’s music golden generation. My suggestion: create a Hall of Fame installation that reflects on and grapples with women’s role in the formative and heyday years of sg - along the lines of the kinds of conversation that began to emerge in that Nashville Scene piece. In so doing, the SGMA would be honestly confronting a question that demands treatment but in a way that doesn’t require anyone to engage in the kind of revisionist history it would take to deal with issue at the level of inductees.

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  1. CVH wrote:

    I agree. Some form of presentation that is both historically accurate and which acknowledges the cultural and social norms of the era would be beneficial.

    Although it may be evolving, I’m sure the basic composition of the SG fan base is much as it always has been: more male than female, more conservative than liberal, greatly informed by southern culture and social norms, etc. But I have to believe and hope that women of any age would appreciate an accurate portrayal of their role in SG’s development, even if it isn’t flattering or PC by today’s standards.

    It wouldn’t be quite on the magnitude of the blanket apology for slavery that was debated a decade ago, but a simple acknowledgement of the past, recognition of the strides made to reach the present and an open-minded look at the future would only be right.

  2. Dean Conklin wrote:

    Even if it isn’t flattering, or PC? Does that mean a Diesel Annie hall of famer? Just kiddin’ — we really don’t want to know.

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