Gaither Homecoming cancellation

From one of our farflung correspondents:

Total meltdown at over the cancellation of Jubil…whatever in Memphis. Just a total meltdown. The issue is that no one from Gaither announced this and folks red it on The Singing News website and not on Gaither’s official site. The kids running the site apparently feel like those folks are loyal and will take anything they get. Sort of like the Republicans (edit that). It’s not pretty.

The writer thinks this kind of thing could threaten the Homecoming franchise, but I’m not so sure. Message boards necessarily tend to attract the vocal, overly sensitive and others eager to howl and carry on to an extent all out of proportion to the situation. Gaither does seem to be awfully bad about communicating with the faithful, but they’re not the faithful for no reason. A new Gloria Gaither recitation and these folks’ll be all aswoon again in no time.

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  1. dkd wrote:

    Lord help us all from the “Gloria gaither” recitations!

  2. Rob wrote:

    First of all, the news release on the venue’s website ( announcing the date change was posted all the way back on August 24th, nearly three months ago. If Gaither’s people waited until now to publicize it, then it’s a huge mistake and disservice to their fans who planned travel around it.

    Second, for those of you unfamiliar with Memphis, the FedEx Forum (where the concert was to be held) is adjacent to the heart of Beale Street, which Memphis’ version of Bourbon Street–a nightclub/party district.

    New Year’s Eve on Beale Street is a huge event–think New York’s Times Square or New Orleans’ Mardi Gras on a slightly smaller scale. Drunken revelers jam the streets and spill out of the nightclubs, some of which are just a few steps from FedEx Forum. Streets are blocked off, parking lots are jammed, etc. It is generally the type of environment that families or teetotalling Christians avoid at all costs.

    I simply cannot imagine Memphis-area Homecoming fans trekking down to Beale Street on New Year’s Eve, even for a heaping dose of Gaither. I cannot fathom why Gaither or the arena folks would attempt such an event on that date. I would bet a significant sum that local ticket sales were severly depressed.

    An NYE event at a suburban location or a facility safely removed from “wild party central” would probably work in the Memphis area, given that his concerts generally sell well there and the fact that there is a large southern gospel fan base in the region. Unfortunately, however, the NBA team that runs the Forum has a non-compete clause that effectively blocks such events from being held at competing venues.

  3. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    We all are at fault.
    We all think we are serach engines experts.
    How did we alll miss the new release

  4. Music Man wrote:

    I wonder how the ticket sales are going for the Gaither thing in Nashville in a couple of weeks? A few years back I would have been holding tickets by now, but given the fact many of the “favorites” have now left the planet I don’t have much motivation to pay the money in order to go. BG would do well to re-invent his concerts the same way he tries to “re-invent” the Vocal Band every few years. If it were mine I would build a program that featured 5 or 6 of the top quartets and family groups, one or two top soloists, and whoever is still alive from the “favorites”.

  5. MM wrote:

    At a recent Gaither event in Hampton, VA several long-time homecoming friends were missing. (The Isaacs, Ivan Parker, Jesse Dixon) Could it be that the popularity of the tour is waneing? I know that the Isaacs had a concert planned onthe same night in a different state. So it is not thatthey are not travelling, just not with BG.

  6. CVH wrote:

    Two quick thoughts:

    1. Everyone (including me) knocks Gloria’s recitations…remember Benji playing tent under the dining room table? I’m surprised the guy’s not scarred for life. But I think her lyrical skills are among the best, still.

    2. Whatever happened to the Jesse Dixon gigolo thing from this past summer? Haven’t heard more about it one way or the other. Could that be why he’s not on the tour?

  7. Dean Conklin wrote:

    Can somebody confirrm this? A while back I heard that BG was keeping the groups he had singing with him … but that they would be doing fewer dates, in other words, spreading the wealth a little thinner, just fewer groups on one night, or weekend. Everybody’s not going to be there every time, instead of playing 30 dates maybe they each play 20. Saves money, recovers profits for BG.

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