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Reader TK breaks a long silence and writes with the email of the day:

Jason Crabb either created or revived a vocal move of sliding a note up during the last chorus of “I’m Amazed” with the Brooklyn Tab that Danny Riley is using in “Truth Is Marching On” and Kim Hopper is using in “He Erased It”. Doesn’t matter, just noticed it.

You mentioned not liking the 2 Buddy Mullins group names. I don’t either. Why not just bring back Sunday Drive since he probably already owns the name?

Can you think of any good unused group names?

I’ll have to go back and listen to the vocal move TK mentions. In the meantime, I’ll refer everyone to one of my first posts (actually I think it was THE first avfl post) about names and sg groups (here and here). Short answer is: I thank God I don’t have to name a gospel group these days. It’s not just that all the good names are taken. It’s that gospel names have to be somewhat earnest and straightforward in an age of irony. This means that if you don’t want to be square and uncreative, you’ve got an enormously difficult task in front of you.  “The Hamfisted Tagalongs” might be a fine name for a garage band or even the right kind of CCM group, but it just won’t do for sg.

Every Day Driven? Well, I dunno. I tend to agree with TK. But then I also remember that the one time I was part of a naming a group, we had a pretty decent and well branded name sitting around unused from three of group members’ past that we really considered using - and would have, except some of the other people associated with that name from the past who weren’t part of this new group weren’t so keen. So yeah … It’s harder than it looks. When you’re faced with a choice between Buddy Mullins and New Covenant on the one (safe and boring) side, or Every Day Driven on the other (slightly undiomatic and quirky) side, the choice tends to make itself if you’re inclined to take publicity photos like this.

Finally (and mostly unrelated): Google* turned up this sound bite:

Buddy Mullins. ABOUT TEAMWORK “I am proud to say that Second Mile is an equal partnership.

Second Mile: An equal partnership full of teamwork, … except and until it isn’t.

*Word to the wise: Don’t try to load in your browser … at least not Firefox. It’s been PW protected and you can’t get the logon-prompt to disappear without knowing the logon information or crashing your browser. Breaking up IS hard to do, I guess.

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  1. Debbie E. wrote:

    Re: TK’s comment on Jason Crabb moving up a note on the last chorus of “I Stand Amazed” with the BTC: I have been in choral singing since junior high and decades of solo, trio, duet in the church. That has been a common but effective technique especially in “big” songs for as long as I can remember. I am sure there is a word for it. I studied nursing in college so I dont know the vocabulary of music that well. I love Jason Crabb performing that song with the choir.

  2. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    True. the slide or whatever it’s called has always been around but not as common in SG. Seems like I remember Sandi Patti or larnelle using it and most recently David Phelps. Three big songs in the same year will definitely draw attention to the move. Caution, not for amateurs.

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