Wednesday round up

  • So a little more on the Homeland resurrection: From what I can gather, Bill Traylor is partnering with the owner of a piano company that Traylor has an association with. The piano company appears to be moving operations to Nashville and the two of them are diving into the record bidness.
  • Speaking of pianos, be watching for a sg piano player to make a move elsewhere in the near future. Stay tuned.
  • There’s a pretty inflammatory - and to my mind wierd and mildly scary - email making the rounds in sg right now. It’s about a lot of things (Ted Haggard, crime, moral decay, the Holy Spirit and math) but it’s getting attention for some accusations it makes about Richard Simmons, formerly the Dove Brothers Pianist (and as far as I know, not the same pianist alluded to above). I won’t repeat any of the contents of the email, not least of all because they are potentially libelous and could cause all kinds of trouble for anyone who prints it (this ruling nothwithstanding - h/t JL). I mention it mostly because, clocking in at around 8400 words, it’s perhaps one of the longest sustained spammed screedsI’ve ever read.
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  1. DM wrote:

    Song Fellows of Southern California.

  2. bbq wrote:

    Thanks for posting the message about the inflammatory e-mail only to leave us hanging. Have a happy thanksgiving

  3. Lacey wrote:

    Thank you Avery for mentioning that email. I wanted to ask if you had seen it but I didn’t want to be part of spreading it, if that makes any sense? A friend forwarded that thing to me and I sat with my mouth dropped open the whole time reading it.
    To bbq and anyone who hasn’t read it, be glad you were spared. Without hard, verifiable evidence to back up the accusations it just creates more questions for people that aren’t directly involved in the “situation”. I do hope that the truth, whatever it may be, comes out and justice prevails before this thing is spread any farther as just an unsubstantiated rumor.

  4. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I have also heard that a prominent pianist will be leaving a group within in the next month…unfortunately, I suspect it will be the final nail in the coffin of a group that has had way too much turnover in recent months, as the piano player is the last star among them.

  5. bbq wrote:

    Lacey– I’m sure your right about being spared and after having thought about it more since my first post I would tend to agree with you. I’m sure if it’s of a personal nature then there’s probably no reason for the fans to know of it at this point anyway!

  6. Steve wrote:

    Hmmm, let me guess…Andrew Ishee will exit PSQ?

    And this letter about Richard Simmons? I’ve only heard about it…

  7. RNGfreckles wrote:

    I have not yet seen this e-mail that you have described. But it bothers me. My family and Richard were good friends before he ever joined DBQ. We would sing together in VA and NC when our schedules would allow. I am surprised to hear that there could be any terrible rumors about him, as he was such a blessing to know.

    Unfortunately, I have not heard from him since New Year’s Day of 2004. I called him to tell him of my engagement. He wished me well and that was the last we heard of him. I hope that all is well with him and that any false rumors will be put to rest.

  8. M.D.H wrote:

    I spoke to Richard today. He is doing as well as can be expected after something like this. I’m glad to know that those who have met Richard realize that this libel is false and the result of a very bitter situation which should never have been publicized. Just keep him in your prayers and you can all be sure that whatever you hear is indeed false.

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