Rodney Griffin: not going anywhere

While we’re on the subject of personnel changes, the last week or so has brought with it some muted but slowly building talk that Rodney Griffin is laying the groundwork to leave Greater Vision. Not so, says Gerald Wolfe, in a reply to an email I sent asking him about the situation. Griffin’s house is up for sale, Wolfe says, which may be the source of the speculation. But house sale or not, “either way, the Griffins are remaining in East Tennessee and Rodney is not making any plans to come off the road or to leave Greater Vision.” And now (with apologies to Paul Harvey), Wolfe concludes, “you know … the rest of the story.”

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  1. RF wrote:

    I hope this isn’t like the GM of a pro or college sports team who emphatically tells everyone that so-and-so is going to be the (player, manager, etc.) of this team for a long time only to be let go a week or a month later.

  2. Damon from KY wrote:

    I thought exactly the same thing, RF. If RG and GW have discussed parting ways, they have a plan and schedule for how that will come about and I’m sure it would not include confirming suspicions before it is time. Greater Vision has been such a consistent and solid force in SG music, due in part at least to RG’s songwriting, that it will be a sad breakup if and when it occurs.

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