Enough EHSSQ “debates”

What he said.

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  1. Lacey wrote:

    For anyone who ever wonders if EH & SS are professionals that can sing and are worth the ticket price, here’s my comment. I went to see them this summer in Atlanta. When we got to the church half of the electricity was off and allllll the air conditioning was kaput. Which meant while there were lights in the halls and restrooms, the only power in the auditorium was I’m guessing the emergency lights. So in that hot, dark room full of fans who had paid to see a concert, the guys got onstage and started singing with what power they could hook up from the generator on the bus for the mics and piano and flashlights propped up so we could see them just a little. They sang that way for about an hour during which time the little power they had rigged up went out and they were on their own with just their voices and nothing else. They didn’t have any fancy lights or sounds or videos or even dance moves cause we couldn’t have seen them anyway. They didn’t complain, they didn’t say, “Well, we can’t work under THESE conditions. Good night!” They sang until I think they had run out of songs to do. All while somewhere outside the electric company was trying to get a transformer fixed and The Ball Brothers were trying to think up some kind of fix for mics and piano. I didn’t see anyone in the crowd complaining while they sat there and fanned and let me tell you this church was BIG so there were a lot of people who stayed there.
    Then when the power came back on, and bless God the air conditioning too, they sang for about another hour even though they had to have been exhausted from the heat. That ranks as one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Not because of any show, but because of the spirit of the men onstage who kept on singing in those not so comfortable conditions. That to me is the mark of a true professional.

  2. Tom Kirby wrote:

    Leave EH & SS alone!! Hopefully, they will bring some people other than the “gray hairs”, of which I’m one, in to the SGM ranks. They were at my church last year and did a fabulous job. If Hovie Lister & The Statesmen were not SG, then I guess you can term Ernie and SS anything you want to. They are the closest thing to the Staesmen to ever come along, including the Dove Brothers. All these comments have a sense of jealousy about them. It’s unique to see a groups website with a posting that all dates for the year are taken. Wouldn’t you agree this is a great measure of success. Most groups would travel with Mr. Gaither & Company given the choice.

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