The First Family of Perpetual Heritage

I’ve joked before about the Hoppers being All Nostalgia All the Time but really … it seems like the Hoppers have been celebrating their heritage for … well, since almost before they even had it. And it’s not even their 50th Anniversary year … yet. Gird thyself, dear reader.

Isn’t there a point when we reach (or perhaps already have reached) nostalgia exhaustion and heritage fatigue? For my part, I wish the Hoppers would put as much effort and time and money into making the kind of music that made them great rather than living off the echoes and memories of that greatness.

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  1. Malcolm wrote:

    Great title for the post and for them. Back in the 90’s (when they were just beginning to maybe build a heritage) they had 3 SN #1’s on one album.
    Clearly their social value is their music and not the fact that they have, in the past, created some social value.

  2. THOM wrote:

    What the Hoppers need is the kind of great material they had back in the early to mid 90’s. I find their current material uninspiring and the entire presentation seems so contrived and rehearsed. Were it not for the Gaither videos and tours they would be in trouble.

  3. Kevin wrote:

    Sorry Guys but I have to disagree. They seem to have a wonderful heritage and for sure no lack in a fan base I just went to see them and it was a sold out event. I would think that if other groups had a 50 year Heritage they would be proud of it too. Can anybody think of another group of maternal brothers that are still singing together after 50 years? To build the future you have to know where you come from.

  4. Seaton wrote:

    Kevin, I would have to agree with you on this one. I believe the Hoppers are still producing some of the best Southern Gospel Music out there, at least among mixed groups. Their latest recording, ‘The Ride’, is one of the best Southern Gospel albums released this year. Artists go through stages in their career. Even though the Perrys are hitting their high right now among mixed groups you can’t discount the Hoppers. They still have a loyal fan base, still are charting #1 songs and even as it gets to the place where Claude and Connie slow down, the new generation of the Hoppers with Dean and Kim at the helm will be just as great.

  5. Tom wrote:

    Even though they were good before, Since the day Kim joined this group, it became great and has remained to this day the premier mixed southern gospel group. We have them at our church annually and their fan following is incredible. Also, their song selection is awesome, some of the oldies but goodies and some of the greatest new material around.

  6. chuck stevens wrote:

    Back in the 90’s, the Hoppers had a LIVE Christmas project with a great version of “Oh Holy Night” on it. I would love to find a copy, can’t find mine. They still stage the song from time to time. It’s on a new project, but doesn’t pack the same punch as the live cut. I’m sure someone in the Avery audience can help me out. Keep up the great work.

  7. bhy wrote:

    I completely agree with Kevin and Seaton. I mean have you heard Yaweh?

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