Kenny Bishop, in his own words

The man of the hour himself, Kenny Bishop, took a few minutes out of the limelight today to exchange a few messages with me. Bishop had this to say, among other things:

When I received the call yesterday from Ed Leonard, letting me know that I had actually received the Grammy nomination, it was quite evident that he and everyone else at Daywind were as surprised by the news as I was. I asked him specifically if anyone there, or anywhere that he was aware of, had lobbied at all for the spot. His answer was a firm “no.” When I asked him how this happened he had as many questions as I did. This was a complete surprise to all of us. Several years ago there was a push by some within the SG industry to try and get artists and others to join NARAS. The intent was to raise the SG presence within the music world at large. That’s when all of the members of the Bishops joined. Of course, when the group retired, the memberships were not renewed. Other than that bit of association, I’ve had no further contact with anyone who is a NARAS member, because they are a member. I’m not sure if anyone at Daywind is a member of NARAS. The simple point is, your take that the nomination was the result of the typical lobbying, courting and routine begging that is a part of such a process is not accurate. As a friend of mine who is in the country music business said to me yesterday, “This time is worked like it is supposed to.”

For my part, and taking nothing away from Bishop’s entitlement to celebrate a great moment, the most convincing theory I’ve heard takes a slightly different tack - this from Eddie Crook in a comment earlier today:

Only members of NARAS can nominate. There are very few SG members (it is a bit pricey) in NARAS. This year it seems that the KB label people who are members chose to nominate KB. People might be surprised at the small vote it takes for nomination. No disrespect for the artist or project. My prediction: Alan Jackson wins.

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  1. woody wright wrote:

    Just a little FYI to Mr. Crook and Doug . . .
    The academy nominates recordings for their excellence, not sales, chart action, popularity and the like. I am thankful that voting members (apparently no one from Daywind) actually listened and extended favor to the recording - and the concept. Concept is very seldom seen in SG, and this one for Kenny was obviously genius.

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