Albums “so anointed that the holes kept healing over”

Comment of the day:

I began reading Singing News in 1972 and remember seeing ads and “news articles” (read: rehashed press releases from the group or label) like this. Nothing new, nothing surprising. I can see where someone involved in the project may really believe there’s something special about the record but how it’s communicated makes a huge difference. The same bit of information conveyed by Tammy Faye Bakker will be delivered and perceived differently than if it’s presented by Charles Stanley.

Speaking of annointing, one group I played with in the late 70’s had a strong Pentecostal following. We used to kid that the only problem with our records (yeah, I mean actual 12″ 33-1/3 LPs) was that they were so annointed that the holes kept healing over and people couldn’t play them.

I guess whether it’s hype or holiness is in the ear of the listener.

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