Ernie pays it forward

No one will believe me when I say this, but it has been genuinely nice to see Ernie Haase learning the lessons of Bill Gaither’s strategic benefaction toward EHSSQ and paying it forward by playing Bill to the Ball Brothers’ Ernie (if this website is accurate, they’re still opening for EHSSQ these days). And obviously, the Ball Brothers know how to pay … I mean play their part. But is that really amputee humor? Maybe not. Hard to tell. Here’s hoping their music is better than their Photoshop skills. Someone out there heard them?

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  1. Steven wrote:

    Bad photo shop…maybe?
    Funny Yes!
    A real knee slapper …ooh that was a horrible joke.

    Speaking of Ernie Haase and jokes: There is a really funny video of Gold City’s Jonathan Wilburn “calling out” Ernie Haase. It is on Gold City’s Myspace site. The funniest part is steve ladd’s comment. All in good fun

  2. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    I have heard the Ball Brothers. They put on a professional-quality program. While some might say that they might not be quite where, say, the Booth Brothers are, it’s nothing that a few more years on the road and a few big hits won’t fix.

  3. Bro. Chad wrote:

    Heard them at the new EHSSQ taping in KY this summer. I also think they have played at an Independent Baptist camp my church went to one time. Sharp young men with great harmony. They will be featured on the new EHSSQ video being released in January.

  4. Jennifer wrote:

    I have their CD. They are great guys. I worked with them in a concert back in May. They have a great sound and put on a good program! I love them!!!!

  5. Phil Taylor wrote:

    I’ve never met the Ball Brothers, tho I knew their family back in the day in Mt. Pulaski Il. My parents have the cd & we really like it. It’s on the more contemporary side of sg & we are looking forward to a long career from the guys & more good music. Their Grandma Julie must be really proud. Check ‘em out y’all.

  6. Kay wrote:

    Thanks for the nice comment about Ernie - yes, he is definitely “paying it forward” - gotta love him! I have heard the Ball Brothers several times this summer when they opened for Ernie and have their CD - their harmonies are tight, their intonation is excellent, you can understand the words they are saying, and they have enough energy to keep up with Ernie and the boys!! When Ryan was ill this summer, Daniel Ball filled in and did a great job! They really do seem to be a trio to keep an eye on! Nothing is quite like family harmony!!

  7. Hannah wrote:

    I can also vouch for the quality of the Ball Brothers! I have yet to see them in a full concert by themselves, but I know one thing - they can sing! Great harmony and stage energy, and bunch of really nice and fun guys who are certainly themselves.

    I think traveling with EH&SS over the summer (they aren’t opening for them at present since SS is on the Gaither tour) really helped them add some polish and gave them some helpful exposure, including Bill Gaither hearing them for the first time. They’re recording an a cappella album right now with Marshall Hall as their producer, and I can’t wait to hear it! Hopefully we’ll be seeing them around more in the coming years.

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