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I’m trying to get a fairly comphrensive list compiled of current sg blogs in two categories: artists/industry and fan/non-industry. The latter first. Here’s the list I’ve got (which relies heavily on Martin Roth’s list; h/t Martin). Who should be added to it?

Adventures of a Starving Artist

Chris Unthank

Daniel Britt

Danny’s Diary

Fan of Gospel Music

Front Row Follies

Global Southern Gospel Radio Blogger

James Hales

Jerry’s Journal


Redlegs, Mountaineers and Southern Gospel Music

Roger Bennett’s Midnight Meditations

SG Blog News

Southern Gospel Beat

Southern Gospel Perspective

Thoughts, Ponderings and Useless Information

Now the artists/industry blogs. Rather than giving me every artist or industry type you know of who blogs, how bout letting me know who among artist and industry bloggers are the ones you read the most and/or who seem to have the best/better sites.

Ann’s fANNtastic Blog

The Chosen Ones

David Phelps Online

Gordon’s Blog

Hampton Happenings

Hearts of Harmony

Hope’s Call

Jamie Carter Ministries

Janet’s Blog

Journey Record News

Kim McLean Musings

The Latest from Emily Sutherland.


Maybe I Can Share Something…

On the Road

Quick Fix

Ransomed Blog

Roger Bennett’s Midnight Meditations

The ShadBlog!

The Singing Reflectsons

The Southern Gospel Lady

Stand Up and Proclaim

Jonathan’s Journal

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  1. Bradley wrote:

    How about an artist/non-industry page? Try

  2. Big Ken 54 wrote: features the writings of Rick Moore, bass singer with California’s Crystal River Quartet. He writes well, plus he offers insights into a number of political issues, if such things interest you. His post of 12/20/06 contains some interesting comments from an editor of the Wall Street Journal, who wrote that all bloggers are idiots.

  3. Rhonda Berry wrote:

    Thanks for the mention for our blog. It didn’t start out to be an industry blog, per se; but that is what it has become.
    We are honored you even noticed us.

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