The Anchormen: Anchors away

Via Daniel Mount, the neverending soap operalet of the Anchormen’s personnel woes continues. All the current members have walked out to start their own group. Longtime readers of this site won’t find any of this all that surprising. Way back in the early days of avfl, there was this post in praise of Tony Rush (where IS he these days anyway?) that quotes Rush on the Anchormen. Here, Rush is trying to explain the unfortunate reality of the Anchormen to some sogospelnews message boarders who couldn’t accept that having a good heart or whatever isn’t enough to keep a bidness up and running reliably:

[T]he truth is that’s just the way it is. It’s not a matter of whether someone “deserves this kind of talk.” [Tim Bullins] [principle owner of the Anchormen] is a wonderful man with a good heart and I enjoyed working with him. But, to be perfectly candid, when a group sings for 20+ years, can’t keep a group together for more than a few months at a time and is consistently scraping by . . . it’s not an issue of whether someone is a good person. It’s an issue of simply not taking care of business.

Update: Chuck Peters is tracking this story nicely. See here, where’s there more than just “they left the quartet to start a new one in which they could spend more time with their families.” Plus, Chuck has a better punny headline than I do.

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  1. DM wrote:

    I really like Ray Bullard. He is a wonderful person. He goes to alot of expense to keep the Anchormen on the road. Sometimes they don’t get respect from the head of the NQC board, and alot of people in the “Industry”.

  2. Trent wrote:

    Avery, I think it’s unfair to quote Rush on this one because it’s been so long since he posted that comment on sogospelnews. I’m thinking it’s been at least a year or two since he posted what you quoted. I remember reading it. It’s entirely possible that this Bullard guy doesn’t even operate that way these days.

  3. THOM R. wrote:

    The Anchormen have always managed to put out a good sound, even when they had Brian Routh on tenor the blend was always good. (His stage presence was embarassingly prissy though) - But the sound always solid. But to the attentive eye it was evident that the group never quite garnered the respect or acollades that other full-time quartets did - inside or outside the industry. The music solid - the production work very solid - with Kevin McManus you can’t go wrong. But somehow they never quite made the “A” list for some reason. Maybe the constant turnover, personnel problems, would explain it. The audience has to grow accustomed to, if not fond of, the group members and expect to see some consistency in the line up.

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