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I mentioned this is passing in the last post, but it’s worth saying explicitly: this blog ought to be a good read for anyone interested in often beautiful, evocative, powerful, and honest (and sometimes just entertaining and ordinary) reflections from a professional gospel and CCM songwriter on how life and living and loving and grieving converge in the solitude of contemplation and hard work to yield the music we love. Good music is, as Emily Dickinson said of her poetry, the “gift of screws.” And more of us regular mortals could do with reading about how difficult and complicated that process can be sometimes, when the screw tightens down on even (or especially) really gifted songwriters, distilling essential spiritual truth and musical beauty for everyday life, turning ordinary experience into extraordinary songs.

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  1. THOM wrote:

    I have been acquainted with Joel for a number of years and have greatly admired his writing abilities. To now be able to read his blog will be another treat.

    Thom Rawls

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