What Mama says goes

Libbi Perry Stuffle sends along the comment of the day:

Can’t believe you knit pick about why JK is in all of our photos, but you have to look for something to talk about. JK is in the photos, one because he works our product table every night, second, occasionally he plays bass on stage with us and third even if he didn’t do any of the above he’s family and what Mama says goes! LOL But he’s just as much a part of our group as the front line people. It takes us all to make it all come together. I believe if he’s interested in Gospel music and this is something he wants to do, then I am gonna include him in everything we do. I’m just thankful he loves this music and wants to be a part of it. Enough said!!!

The rationale is noble and sweet, but perhaps it won’t surprise anyone to know that I hope this doesn’t become a trend … putting everyone who has any role with, connection in or is simply related to a group in its publicity photos. But I think I’ll shut up about this one. Sounds like mama might come after me next. Oh my.

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  1. anonymous wrote:

    I agree that you better “shut up” on this one. I really can’t believe you would even bring it up since it is really none of your concern. Besides, who really cares who is in the photo. I for one enjoy seeing JK in the photos. It lets you know he is involved. I would much rather see him there, than on myspace.com doing something else. Come on….There are alot better things to discuss than this.

  2. MM wrote:

    Jeff and Sherri Easter have been doing this for a while. Their ad has have 6 or seven people in it.

  3. JJ wrote:

    Avery, I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. I’ve been to several Perry’s concerts this past year and noted that JK stayed on the bus most of the evening. I’ve never seen him play bass with the group, maybe he’s still learning! I think its great that the entire family works together, but I just haven’t seen JK doing anything substantial at the concerts…just an observation…

  4. Wayne Brown wrote:

    The McKameys also do this with Eli Fortner. Maybe this is one way they look at keeping a family group going for the next generation.

  5. Bucky wrote:

    Hey, anonymous:


    in case you all want to check up on him.

  6. THOM wrote:

    You go Libbi - tell ‘em about it girl! I Love the Perry’s and think they have the right to put anybody they want in there photos - if they are paying for them - and the label, in this case Daywind, would also have a say in it if the label is paying for them.

    I remember going to a church one night to hear “one of the versions of “THE BLACKWOODS” - and how embarrassed I felt when they started trying to sell pictures of the Bus! No kidding! They even pitched a picture of the BUS! FROM THE STAGE! It was embarrassing to watch and “touched me in a way that made me uncomfortable.”

    Thom Rawls

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