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The newest member of the group formerly known as Mike Bowling went to school at … wait for it … God’s Bible College. Let the punch lines begin.

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  1. Tom wrote:

    Yeah, that’s the name to end all names, isn’t it! The Collingsworth Family is from there, and Liberty’s tenor Keith Waggoner attended there also.

  2. John Letts wrote:

    God’s Bible School and College is where Phil and Kim Collingsworth (Collingsworth Family) went there I believe. It’s a school fashioned in the conservative holiness tradition. Great school! I went to a campmeeting there when I was a kid and they shouted the aisles down that night, it was great. I think Oswald Chambers (My Upmost for His Highest) taught there when he first came to the states. www.gbs.edu

  3. Nate wrote:

    Great College! The Author of the well know devotional (My Utmost for His Highest) was a professor there. They produce highly qualified musicians. www.gbs.edu

  4. Tom wrote:

    God’s Bible School, eh? I don’t know if it’s still the case (although I assume it is), but as of a few years ago students were still not allowed to go on dates without an adult chaperone going along with them.

  5. Nate wrote:

    I graduated from there in 2002, and no chaperone was needed for dates. :) Guess they are “modernizing”. And no…it is not pentecostal affiliated.

  6. SL wrote:

    Yes, well, heaven forbid they be pentecostal.

  7. Scottie Boy wrote:

    What bugs me is not the fact that they are changing their name to just Mike and Kelly Bowling, but its the failure to use proper englush in their press release. If they are changing their name to Mike and Kelly Bowling then they would not be FORMALLY known as the Mike Bowling Group, but rather, FORMERLY known as the Mike Bowling Group. Guess I can give kudos to my 5th grade english teacher for “learnin” me that one, huh?

  8. Scottie Boy wrote:

    What bugs me is not the fact that they are changing their name to just Mike and Kelly Bowling, but its the failure to use proper english in their press release. If they are changing their name to Mike and Kelly Bowling then they would not be FORMALLY known as the Mike Bowling Group, but rather, FORMERLY known as the Mike Bowling Group. Guess I can give kudos to my 5th grade english teacher for “learnin” me that one, huh?

  9. Dean Conklin wrote:

    Who is the publicity outfit that can’t tell the difference between “formally” (as in dressed in a tuxedo) and “formerly” (which means “used to be”)? A lot of SG “publicists” can’t tell the difference; who educated them, anyway?

  10. Joshua Cottrell wrote:

    Tom, Is it so weird that you need a chaperone when dating, the college I went to did the exact same thing when you went off campus to date. Maybe if everybody had these kind of standards we as a nation wouldn’t be in some much trouble.

  11. KB wrote:

    God’s Bible College….as opposed to Biff’s Bible College??

  12. anonymous wrote:

    …and Church of God as opposed to Church of Biff.

  13. steve wrote:

    The publicist is college educated from a highly respected school. I asked about this and she knew it was wrong….seemed to be one of those HORRIBLE moments in life when sent had already been pushed and you are screaming a loud NO!!!! I am sure she is already mortified and embarrassed, so let’s not make it worse. Do we want her to feel worse? Is that the goal? hummmm. I think her track record is perfect except for this mistake. Not bad??? Mike and Kelly are most likely aware of this mistake and probably sympathetic to the publicist. It would be like a singer hitting a bad note in front of a large crowd. Lesson learned: All people make mistakes. The only ones who don’t, are people that do nothing. Hum??? could that possibly be who we have reading this site?
    People with NO lives or ENOUGH to do? It amazes me that there is time in a person’s day to read/comment on these sites. This is a first for me. My prayer is that Mike and Kelly are blessed and that their family is blessed. I think they are two of the finest talent/people in the world. I have watched them go through some circumstances that would make most of us bitter and angry, and they have remained very Godly despite the pain suffered. They have the real stuff. I just thought that might interest you more than a grammatical error! Probably not, but I can always hope.

  14. Jim wrote:

    I guess I’m too late to the discussion - I clicked the link and it now state’s “formerly”. I’ve got my own horror stories of using spell check and finding out later improper spelling was the least of my problems - you can ask a certain Sunday School class about that :0. I’ll just be thankful that my mistake was only broadcast to 25 people and any one they may have mentioned it to.
    Avery - thanks for continuing to bring us the wild and the wacky - I’ve loved the Roy Pauley discussion!

  15. Jennifer wrote:

    why is their name just Mike and Kelly Bowling now when there is another guy singing the third part and then a pianist? I don’t get that. It’s the same question I pose to Jeff and Sheri Easter. Charlotte Ritchie is the best thing about them!!!! Weird, to me…

  16. natesings wrote:

    Having a chaperone on a date is a little silly. How about some trust?

  17. MM wrote:

    Man, so many subjects. On the dating thing…I went to the same college as Cottrell and actually survived a chaperoned date, with no lasting effects to my love life. It’s a matter of maturity, those are the rules, don’t like it go somewhere else. As the principal of a school i am very careful about the wording of the letters i send out. They go through a three step screening process where i re-read it, my secretary reads it, then I re-read the final draft. No mistakes that way. I have caught mistakes that would have horrified me if they went to print. (Like leaving a very important letter out of the word SHIRT…scary) Finally, the name shouldn’t bother anyone. Look at the Whisnants, Greenes, Jeff and Sherri Easter, The Perrys…the list could go on. these are all groups whose family name is not shared by all members of the group. Just how it works. You try naming a group. It’s tough.

  18. Dean Conklin wrote:

    Steve, my point was broader than one person … the formally instead of formerly is used frequently in SG releases, so I asked “who educated THEM?” that’s plural, not singular. I happen to have spent about 25 years in the news business, as a managing editor and editor, on publications up to 500,000 circulation; among my present activities are teaching journalism in a college, and booking at least eight sg concerts a year. I don’t lack for activity, and I know my subject. Is there some justification for doing things less than well? Defending shoddy work? Have at it.

  19. Dean Conklin wrote:

    Oh, and it was not an error in grammar — it was wrong usage of the language.

  20. Keith Waggoner wrote:

    Wow! I’m impressed. God’s Bible College finally made it to averyfineline. Good work. Seriously, though, I received a fantastic education at GBC. The training I received has more than adequately prepared me for my career in music ministry as a worship leader, educator, and currently with a Southern Gospel group.

    There is an interesting story behind the school’s name. The school was the only piece of real estate to be deeded to God in the state of Ohio (sometime around 1900) and was the central figure in the longest-running court case in Ohio history (which asked the pertinent question “Can God own property in the state of Ohio?”). Hence, the name “God’s Bible College”.

    By the way, it’s actually been quite a few years (15-20) since an adult chaperone was required for a date. This from a proud alumnus who met, dated, and married (literally, at the college chapel) his wife at GBC.

  21. CG wrote:

    Maybe the well intentioned board (or is it bored?) members of NQC could scrap “American Gospel Music” and go with “God’s Music” :)

  22. KB wrote:

    HAHAHA! I like it!!!!

  23. SGReporter.com wrote:

    Formerly vs formally.. I don’t have a problem with a publicist or news writer who makes an error.. and then realizes too late. It has happened to me too many times. It happens.

    The bigger problem.. is the news publications who fail to catch a mistake.. (because they don’t write news.. they copy and paste) and then even after everyone realizes the error.. they still leave it “as is.”

    I am sure I make mistakes in my articles and news items all the time.. but when brought to my attention.. I try to correct the error right away. I don’t understand repeated errors and mistakes that are not corrected,… ever.

    I recently printed an opinion about poor SG PR.. and the same thoughts apply.. “we have been lazy too long.”

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