The story behind a No. 1 song

As part of my ongoing one-man crusade to demystify the songwriting process, I’m posting the following account that songwriter Belinda Smith was gracious enough to provide about the origins of Jeff and Sheri Easter’s new No. 1 song, “Over and Over.”

Of all the songs I’ve written and had out, this one has gotten the worst reviews (except from Bill Gaither, ironically.) Isn’t that funny? I sat down one Sunday morning when I should’ve been in church and started playing the piano and I thought, “I want to write one that’s simply positive. Not necessarily poetic or profound, just positive–like the ones I grew up on.” And, that’s how the song was born. I just wanted to remind myself that I could still feel something when I wrote. Form and craft aside, it felt good and right. I guess with all our analytical thinking anymore we forget that ultimately people just want to feel good. I know I do.

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  1. THOM wrote:

    I think it’s a fine song, has a good hook, and people love to sing along with it. And a great message - Over and Over God IS Faithful.

  2. Belinda wrote:

    …thanks to all for supporting the song. It’s been a nice affirmation. I did want to be sure to say that the idea for it may have started at my piano, but the song couldn’t possibly be what it is had it not been for my amazing co-writer, Sue C. Smith. Sue is one of my favorite co-writers because all I really have to do is make up a little something and then she comes in, works her magic and I end up looking good in the process. Good deal!

    Thanks again!

  3. Sue wrote:

    Of course, all of Belinda’s co-writers know that she is a notorious “pre-writer,” so it is quite possible that she pre-wrote the entire song… and only let me believe I helped. Thanks, B.

  4. rh wrote:

    Everytime that I hear this song on the internet radio station I listen to at work, I turn it up and stop what I’m doing to listen to it. It reminds me each time that I truly don’t have much to complain about, even when things are not going well. I’m reminded that Thanksgiving 2002 was as bad as it could be. Our then 10-year old son was in the hospital in Pediatric ICU in critical condition due to an illness. The doctors thought they would have to do major surgery which he possibly wouldn’t have survived due to his overall medical condition at the time.

    But, God was faithful (as always), and no surgery was needed. He spent 22 days in the hospital. However, at the worst time (about 2 days into it), both my wife and I once again put him back in God’s hands and He rewarded us with a peace that to this day we can’t describe in words. This past November on the weekend before Thanksgiving, we watched our 14-year old son suit-up and play in a state championship football game, healthy and whole.

    As your song says, God is faithful “Over and Over”. Thanks for taking simple words and phrases and saying it so elegantly.

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