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For of those of you who can’t get enough tabloidtainment about the Harmony Awards, here and here you can find entertaining takes on the evening from two nominees seated in the, uhm, risk-free zone, so to speak.

Also, after looking at the photos of the McGruder/Crabb joint appearance, I wrote to a friend of mine who was there and asked what that was all about. She replied:

The McGruders/Crabb debacle was not only endless, but quite a spectacle as The Crabbs “pay tribute” to The McG’s, which was really (and quite obviously) just a chance for them to get up and perform again (notice I said perform, not sing - ugh, it was loud and their uber-pentecostalism reminded me of my childhood and gave me the willies.) It went on for-freakin’-ever. I would have left had I not been trapped in my seat by a bunch of folks who were buying into every ounce of Crabbthusiasm that was bouncing off the stage.

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  1. SL wrote:

    trapped in her seat? give me a break. go home.

  2. THOM wrote:

    Was it a TV taping ? Should we look for it to air on the “purple-hair-we-cover-the-earth-send-in-your-pledge-now-so-we-can-gold-plate-more-cherubs-and-columns” network? or elsewhere?

  3. CVH wrote:

    I may be in the distinct minority, but I have never been able to figure out what the big deal is about the Crabb Family. Their talent is passable but so what? The quality of their recordings is sub-par to average. As the writer distinguishes, it was a “performance” not “singing”. I can understand that some people just want a ’show’ or something that’s loud and bombastic, forget about quality and substance. Look at how many viewers Fox has. I only hope as they disband and move in individual directions, they don’t engage in a Cher-like farewell tour for the next 18 years.

  4. wrote:

    I guess I will be in the minority here.. but I have been wanting to see and/or hear the CF do the McGruders song “Going Home With Jesus”.. probably for all the reasons that others don’t. I did hear some of it at NQC.. from the exhibit hall,.. but didnt get back inside in time to see the performance.

    I remember the song (and have a copy on CD) from The McGruders LIVE album a few years back.. I thought it was fantastic.. I liked the excitement.. and the strong feeling that something was really happening.

    I think the tune is on the “rare” CF Live In Knoxville DVD.. but I can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere.

  5. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Maybe it’s more like “distinct” in the mud minority. It didn’t take me five minutes at my first Crabb concert to figure out the draw of this family. Excitement. I think the youth in SG were tired of bad hairpieces, hideous clothes and flat notes from worn out artists and were ready for something to explode. Although it wasn’t my favorite style of Southern Gospel it was easy to appreciate the breath of fresh air and the powerful songs they introduced to our music. Personally, I was disappointed with their 2006 NQC performance which was more of a statement about where they were going rather than a celebration of where they had been. In spite of their own eventual contribution to bad hair and hideous clothes, history will trumpet their influence and many will attempt to emulate their trail of success.

    What can you say? The majority loves it! Just like Fox news.

  6. ww wrote:

    CVH wrote ” Look at how many viewers Fox has.”
    Is that FoxNetwork or FoxNews? If it is FoxNews, I have to report that there is nothing more “bombastic” than the hyper opinionated Chris Matthews or the “I hate anything remotely Republican” Keith Olbermann.

    If it’s the FoxNetwork, Jack Bauer saves the world by being “loud and bombastic.” And I am on the edge of my seat for Sunday’s premiere.

    Oh well, to get back on topic . . . . the Crabb kids had a great run. Let’s let them fade into the sunset peacefully. The family lays it down in August. RIP

  7. Tom wrote:

    I agee so much with SL. I attend a Pentecostal church, have all my life and have never seen anyone trapped in their seat. Let’s give people who want to serve The Lord, The Crabb Kids, a break and hope that they follow God’s will for their lives even with the ongoing criticism. Also, am looking forward to them returning to my church in April. An old crab who loves The Crabb Family!!!!!

  8. CVH wrote:

    To clarify, I was referring to the Fox Broadcast Network, not Fox News. The Crabb Family may celebrate the triumph of style over substance but that’s just a reflection of contemporary society’s (and sadly, for the most part, the Christian subculture’s) values, so their success doesn’t surprise or impress me.

    The true measure of their musical or spiritual impact will be taken years from now. And I’m just suspicious that their legacy won’t quite match that of some of the top groups of the last fifty years.

    Jim, I’m sending you a t-shirt with Sean Hannity and Jesus arm in arm, so it’s all good. God bless you, man.

    ww, I was generalizing about the Fox Network. But for every “Simpsons” or “24″ or “House” they’ve also been responsible for “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?”, “Joe Millionaire” and the it-almost-aired-but-sanity-prevailed-at-the-last-moment-”O.J. Simpson - If I Did It” interview. When I worked in television we referred to FBC as the LCD network - lowest-common denominator.

  9. Jim2 wrote:

    How quickly we forget - seems to me that just a few years ago the Crabb Family was being touted as the salvation of the genre, but now that the decision has been made to move on, everyone is trashing them and their motivation, enthusiasm, commitment, taste, dress or whatever.
    I’m admittedly biased, as they were the first SG artist I ever saw in a live setting - but I’ve always found them to be very personable and genuine offstage and extremely professional and creative onstage.
    What can you say about the Crabb Family Band? A large part of the credit (or genius behind) for the success of the Crabb Family has got to be attributed to this talented ensemble.
    I’m really looking forward to hearing the new CD from Austin’s Bridge - I’ve heard a few rough mixes and it is GOOD!

    I’ve never been a performer and can’t imagine the pressure put on these young people, and yet they’ve greeted it with a smile and a compassionate ear - I’ll keep praying for them and supporting them in wherever they feel the Lord is leading - I think there’s an exciting chapter coming up for all of them and I’m excited about watching how God moves.

  10. Joseph wrote:

    From an outsider on this industry, I have to say that the Crabb Family drew me to this genre at first, but I don’t even know why they are classified as “Southern Gospel” artists. I think they are in a class of their own. Other artists in this genre don’t seem to come close. Sure, some of them are great singers, but there are a bunch of great singers out there. Who cares? What about the message of the song and feeling God through how they are presented? Sorry, but the Crabbs got it.

  11. Saved wrote:

    “A pharisee is hard on others and easy on himself, but a spiritual man is easy on others and hard on himself.”

    A.W. Tozer

  12. Sandy wrote:

    Some like them. (The Crabb Family)
    Some don’t.

    Just like what Jesus experienced.
    Some like(d) Him.
    Some don’t.(didn’t)

  13. jb wrote:

    Saved: We should all stop and decide how we want to walk each day. Pharisee or Spiritual Man. Thanks

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