Shameless star gazing

These photos from the Harmony Awards last night are pretty much guaranteed entertainment for gospel music junkies. I’ve heard that there are some backsliders who play “Gay not Gay” with glitterati photos like these. But if you’d rather stick to tried and true favorites that won’t imperil the status of your ever-living soul, I suggest a round or two of “What Not to Wear” and “What was He Thinking When He put THAT on?”

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  1. Tara wrote:

    So, it appears that both Gerald Crabb and Joyce Martin have re-married. Gerald and Kathy in the same room…talk about awkward!

  2. jerome wrote:

    Funny, there is the “not news” news that the Singing News feeds us (i.e. “The Cumberland Blue Ridge Rushin’ River Boys Are In The Studio!”), and there is the REAL news that is never mentioned, like Joyce Martin getting remarried. I do not mean to pick on her specifically; you could say this about any artist. Does anyone remember the article in the Singing News when Anthony Burger got divorced - or when he remarried? No, didn’t think so. The Singing News let that and several other divorces/remarriages slip by…

    On another point, I can’t believe the ugly clothes in these pictures. By ugly, I mean downright freakin’ hideous. What on earth was TaRanda Greene wearing? And those Crabb girls get even uglier (clothes-wise) with each passing year. I can’t believe that with the money they must have, they can’t afford a decent wardrobe? They should all be on “What Not To Wear”.

  3. DM wrote:

    Singing News sugar coats everything. There is real life issues and then there is the Singing News.

  4. THOM wrote:

    Jerome is going off on the clothes. You do make some good points though. While I don’t agree 100%, I will say this: Making more money does not necessarily give one a better sense of style. Male or Female. Seems as some feel the need to try and look like a “rock star” - but hey, that’s their style.

    Regarding the divorces/re-marriages - I couldn’t help but notice 2 or 3 of the people featured in the photo gallery linked to the blog that have different or additional last names. Such matters are normally not discussed it seems. Is it that “the press” is trying to protect the image of the SG singer as some sort of super-Christian who does not have the same problems as the rest of us, or is it simply polite editorial policy not to air one’s dirty laundry?

  5. DM wrote:

    In past years some unmentioned well known gospel singers said they would sue the Singing News. It was only because they published an article about some divorces and re-marriages. No one today has that much power, but I guess they(Singing News) still remember. Someone even lost their job because of that. Some people still won’t tell the truth.

  6. Jim wrote:

    Some of it may also have to do with the “Christian” habit of shooting our wounded.
    If you remember when another website posted the news of Gerald or Kathy’s remarriage (can’t remember which, now) the comments got so out of hand that the thread was pulled.

  7. RF wrote:

    Hmmm. It seems like only yesterday Joyce was advertising for a man over on My Space. It must have worked!

  8. P.R. wrote:

    Wasn’t Zane King once married to Jessica King who was kind of a one-hit wonder about 6 or so years ago with a song something along the lines of “Keep Me In Your Will”? I remember she had wild curly hair at the Gaither homecoming concert I attended where she performed during the height of her one-hittedness. In these pics Debra is listed as the wife’s name and has considerably tamer locks. I guess another “silent” divorce and remarriage in the industry? A shame too because I liked her voice but I would guess without Zane to record and promote her she wouldn’t get too far.

  9. Addy wrote:

    I think you people have way to much time on your hands. Not sure who made you all the judges? I know reallly the reason none of this is ever posted for you to read is, and I know this may come as a shock.. IT ISN’T ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!! If there has been divorces and remarriages, that is between them and God.. Not the souther gospel music fans.. And just to touch on the comment about the fashion.. I think that is a matter of opinion.. What is fashion to you?? Women in matching dresses? Suit and tie? I thought that TaRanda and the Crabb ladies (NOT GIRLS) looked beautiful as usual. All of the women mentioned are very classy ladies, and maybe if you would look at their hearts instead of the outward look you would see that, but I forgot most of you as long as you look the part on the outside it doesn’t matter the condition of the heart.. Ouch…. Yet again that is between you and God.

  10. bbq wrote:

    This thread of discussion is utterly stupid. This site, which I once coveted for the openness that it portrayed, has now turned into nothing but an online gossip magazine! I’m getting out of the gutter and back to God’s business!

  11. Tom wrote:

    I enjoyed the photos. Too many photos from SG events are tiny little things with the performer in the distance in bad lighting.
    I don’t know as I agree that Taranda Greene was wearing something outlandish. I thought she was dressed OK. I will say Kim Hopper really is a beautiful lady. I suppose SG really has some tackiness too it, but I kind of find it’s part of the charm!

  12. Junior Baker wrote:

    Here’s the link to the sgmg photo gallery. Scroll down and go to Mike and Kelly’s picture. I think Kelly looks classy and stylish. Jerome, you must be mistaken boy, sorry for ya…

  13. bb wrote:

    Crabbs don’t fit and don’t want to be at this stupid event or any like it. Pretty obvious. They sing for different reasons than anyone in our business. It is all they have ever done, they have great talent, and they have a gazillion fans and can sing anywhere. Realy it only matters when the people like it. The “legends in our own minds” mentality has not entered Jason, Kelly, Adam, Aaron, or Terah. The rest of you can have that. They have OPENLY seperated their ministry from that spirit. It is sincere to them, but if it entertains you, great!! If you don’t like what they do, leave, someone would love to have your seat. They are still in their twenties and are retiring this group because they want to….8 Dove awards, 3 Grammy noms, and 17 number 1 songs later?????? wow, has anyone ever gone out on top without a scandal that forced them out? There is NO FIGHT. ..not with anyone. They all (including management) made choices for their lives. Now that is a novel idea, do what is best for ones family. The children come before the travel and the career??? Wow!! We might want to re-think the bashing of this little family. It sounds as if maybe they get it!!

    They are probably a little smarter than most of you give them credit for!! Rumor has it they own their masters, their mother has managed them, and they have fared very well. I think to spend the time on a Crabb-bashing makes one look about as stupid as one who spends time arguing that Mel Gibson is not a good film maker…that he is just a drunk. The record will always speak for itself. Opinions are like all body parts, everyone has one. Even stupid people.

  14. BL wrote:

    Carlye Hopper looks like the Olsen twins’ little sister. She is turning out to be absolutely precious. Marriage looks GREAT on Joyce Martin from hair to tan to blue blouse. Yummy! Crabb Family singers walk the perfect line of edge fashion and class within the genre. Crabb Family BAND fell over the edge into the gutter of “we want to look like we shop at Armani Exchange but we found the clearance bin at Tony Gore’s future grunge clothing boutique next door to his new BBQ restaurant in East Tennessee.”

  15. Arthur wrote:

    Ladies and gentlemen, stating and/or publishing the facts is not judging. It is unfortunate that society has attempted to mar the definition of the word.

  16. Jennifer wrote:

    Oh good grief…Why does everyone ALWAYS have to pick on the Crabbs? They are awesome people who have such a great heart for the Lord. I think they look fine, it is who they are and they look great. Yes, Joyce Martin Sanders looked great too! Her husband looked like a cute little boy in his black hat and shirt!

  17. Terri wrote:

    The Crabb Family & Band are great inside and out… I think the uncomfortability of their looks, ie: outfits, hairstyles etc. come from people who can’t be themselves and are very nervious of those that can. Personally I feel like if you can do it… then do it…
    God Bless Ya’

  18. Jennifer wrote:

    I agree Terri!!! I am glad they are true to who they are!!!

  19. Sandy wrote:

    I still believe it should be Anthony Burgers boys who stand in the memory of their dad. NOT Luann and HER daughter.

  20. smells wrote:

    Sandy, I agree, I have been wondering about something but didn’t have the opportunity or nerve to say anything. But, it may be just coincidence, but I did not even know about Luann until Anthony died. Suddenly her face was everywhere. And then I was wondering why she doesn’t go by Burger. Then I found out why. But it doesn’t seem right that she is getting a free ride on Anthony’s success when she doesn’t share the same last name, the least she could do is go by her full name.

  21. jb wrote:

    Sandy and Smells: I think you two have asked questions alot of us were thinking. There hasn’t been much said about AB two boys and maybe that is how they want it . As far as Joyce Martin divorcing and remarrying and for all the others doing the same, I don’t really care. For me it is just a little confusing when you have been listening to certain artists and going to concerts and they are talking about their family and husbands, then all of a sudden you see them with someone else or you see them on “myspace”. They owe me no explanation, I am just saying it does make one ask questions.

  22. Chuck Peters wrote:

    LuAnn Burger.. she uses that name.. It’s on the AB PRODUCTIONS website.. it is in ABP newsletters.. She uses LuAnn Burger. I know.. it’s also on the checks she writes to me.. I know.. I do the ABP website.

    By the way.. The last newsletter had a feature on Austin and AJ.. I know,.. because I put together and emailed the newsletter. Those boys are loved and never left out by LuAnn, Lori and/or Anthony’s parents..

    Anthony was an active supporter and promoter of Lori and her music. He wouldn’t want it any other way. He would be angered by,.. and ashamed of the way some of you treat LuAnn and Lori.

    Some of you people don’t have a friggin clue what you are talking about. Your information and motives leave much to be desired.

    Chuck Peters

  23. Sandy wrote:

    Ok, Chuck, then you friggin tell it like it is(WAS)

  24. Michael wrote:

    Lets just cut the throats of all our SG friends OR convince them that because of they dress or divorce or remarry without proclaiming it from the rooftops they all going to hell along with this website.
    Singing News would likely get more subscribers if it would start printing on newspaper and being sold in the checkout lane.
    You people would eat that up.

  25. Donna wrote:

    does anyone know anything about teri crabb–the birth mother of jason, adam, aaron and terah? Where is she now and what is she doing?
    Rembering an old friend

  26. Gary wrote:

    Chuck, your comment “Your information and motives leave much to be desired. ” assumes that there is somewhere we CAN go that will give us information. No one ever wants to discuss DIVORCE in the Christian community, especially in Southern Gospel Music circles. If fans would realize that these singers are PEOPLE first and not perfect, this might be able to be discussed and at least basic information made available to the community. Since NO information is made available, people hunger to get it any way possible even if it is by way of the rumor-mill. I really am amazed that there is not a higher incidence of divorce among singers because of the extended absences of one of the marriage partners. This presents many opportunities for problems to crop up in a marriage. Marriage can be hard enough when both partners are readily available and present on a daily basis, much less when one of them is gone four or five days out of each week.

  27. jeff G. from mo wrote:

    “Wow”, is the only word to really express the read on here!
    Tell me, has anyone prayed today?
    Anybody read some of the Lords word?
    Maybe just thought about God and the service he requires of us, or are we all really to busy on a website like this??
    Don’t answer to me just talk it out with your maker!
    I will be the first to admit that I don’t have it all right, but friends come on!!!!!

    As a musician in the field I know there is alot of this kind of stuff goin around, but we, everyone of us know this not OK! There is nowhere in the Bible it says its ok to talk about people and Gossip, especially your brothers and sisters!

    I for one am absolutely ashamed of Gods people right now! I also have to leave saying that as for our ministry that is fixing to break wide open across the country, we will never again visit this site! We will not return to see comments on this post and furthermore will NEVER be in an issue of Singing news Voluntarily! Its time to wake up church!
    God has gifted so many people, and we are squandering that gift, you know who you are and just so its no big secret so does everyone else! Its not to late, turn back to God now!!

    God Bless everyone of you, and I love U!!!!
    Jeff G. from Mo.

  28. sqearly wrote:

    Sometimes there’s one thing I absolutely can’t stand about being a Christian……..other Christians.

  29. Darlene wrote:

    All I was curious about was who the Crabb children’s mother was. I never hear them mention her, only their father. Jason’s new single about “I sure miss you” I wondered if it was about his mother. But, man did I get an eyeful. What I want to express to all readers is that no matter what or whom, “God forgives”. and so must we.

  30. marilyn wrote:

    I wish Gerald and kathy could have stayed together and had a the good things as a family. but sometimes things just dont work out. I think the Crabb family is the best group ever. I love hearing each one of them and as a group. I also love to hear their daddy sing and preach too. God has given them great talent, they are such a blessing to me. If they were living right , they could not bless so many people. I love to hear the bowlings also. I have followed these people from the first time I heard them in Boaz, al years ago. They havent changed a bit. The devil has tried to discourage them, but they have stood strong. May God bless the Crabb family. love yall, Marilyn S.

  31. stan wrote:

    I wish people would stop saying kathy crabb is their mother bc its not! Ik his family personally and well ik their mom and kathy crabb aint it

  32. Virginia Rossouw wrote:

    To all of you,who have so many negative comments about all these children of God.
    Be very carefull….you are just wasting time,being so critical. Take a good look at yourselves. Why would God judge you,based on what you are wearing? If He does that,He would be the biggest liar ever,in existence. Please stop it! Joyce,the Crabbs,Taranda,and everyone else you are ‘tramping on’,are ministering to the entire world. Have you ever thought of doing that? How about ‘thank you Lord,for adding another day to my life? I could not have made it to this morning.’ I love people I don’t know,because that is God’s command,and guess what: I am healthier in spirit! ‘love your enemies’. With all your judgemental comments,and beliefs,I will never judge you,just encourage you to try and give God a chance in your lives. It will not mean that you will be living in perfection,in fact,you may face many more stumbling blocks,than you probably are,now. Just do one thing for me: listen to the words of the song Gerald Crabb wrote,and his children are singing with so much conviction: ‘through the fire’. Leave alone what they feel comfortable with. If a marriage does not work out,instead of throwing away the happiness of yourself and that of your children,once you have tried everything,to make it work,there is no need to hold on to it. God allows us to make our choices,even those we choose to marry. We only get to know the ‘real’ partner once we are waking up next to each other,every single day. The solution is simple: you cannot give your children what you do not have-they adapt quickly. What child wants to see Mommy and Daddy cry,and believe it is their fault? Come on,wake up! Be blessed Joyce,Crabb family,Taranda,and everyone else mentioned in this slanderous vendettas. I will never stop buying,and listening to your music. I tell everyone: ‘your ministry,that you share so generously,keeps me and my family,going,in our darkest hours. Love you,and your critics,too.

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