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Because I know everyone (esp DA) just can’t wait to read more Crabb commentary, I’m posting this email from reader SM. Actually I’m posting because it serves as a nice counterweight to the last entry about the CF. Anyway, SM:

Just read your post on the concert review. Whatever syndrome or disease you’ve got on live sg shows, I’ve got it myself. Maybe there’s a support group out there for us, because I’m not enthralled with most of the music I hear anymore. It seems unoriginal, poorly executed, and technically pathetic most of the time.

I think part of it is Crabb Syndrome. I’ve had three chances to see them in the last four months, and taken every one. The first was an exception when I saw them at SDC during the picnic. The second and third were - believe it or not - free love-offering gigs at area churches. One was small. They headlined a Thursday night revival service for a crowd of 500 in a building suited for 300 (give or take on the numbers). The second was quite large, estimated at 1500-ish. In both instances, though, the majority of the crowd was 55+. I’ve managed to win bets at both events that at least 10% of the audience wouldn’t stick around for more than four songs. Crabbs come out firing on all cylinders with “Friend of God” and “I Go to the Rock,” which is good because they get the crowd standing so the “traditionalists” (for lack of a better word; its all preference, I know–mine just happens to be louder, newer, and fresher than others) can exit without causing too much of a stir.

From there it’s onto various mid-tempo and power-ballad tunes before another stand-and-clap-make-me-wanna-mosh song that empties the place of all but the die-hard Crabb fans and people like myself that don’t mind a little bit of everything. It’s amazing, really, because after this happens, the most amazing hour and a half (give or take) of music, worship, reflection, and friendship take place between performers and audience. While Jason even said from the stage that the farewell tour is for the fans (and they’ve proven it—at every concert, including SDC, they’ve taken as many requests as people can shout out and they can fit in), I really think the CF is doing this for themselves. I honestly feel like I’ve been privileged to sit in on a house jam session with the most amazing band that Christian music may ever see, and every time Jason says, “I feel something in my spirit,” I sit up to try to glean any bit of wisdom I can from people who have seen and done more than others their ages.

Call it progressive, call it rock, call it whatever you want—again, it’s a matter of preference. To me, it’s the most talented, most genuine “whatever you want” that I’ve ever seen.

And when I compare it to staged dance moves, waving hankies, canned accompaniment tracks, scripted easy laughs, and matching suits, I can’t help but turn up my nose. Yeah, the music’s young and hard, and even at 26 I should probably grow up. But, as you’ve noted, the whole group is so far above the bar that has been set in southern gospel that I really think I need to study them to mature.

By now my thoughts on the CF are well enough documented there’s no need for me to elaborate (see here for the short version, if you’re new in town), other than to say that artists who engender as much strong feeling as the Crabbs are onto something. As I always say, love me or hate me … just don’t ignore me.

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  1. Jim2 wrote:

    just found out about a TV taping at the Gibson Cafe with Jason, the McRaes and Crossway, set for Tuesday night in Nashville. If you live anywhere close, it’ll be well worth the trip!

  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Another dose of Crabbs!!!

  3. Esther Staples wrote:

    I’m one not ashamed to admit I’m 66 and LOVE the Crabbs! I’d give anything to see the family in concert. But I don’t see them coming north to Pittsburgh PA. If they did, I’d be there. I get uplifted every time I play my DVDs or tapes. With the whole family in person would be the ultimate!
    See about coming to PA sometime. I’ll go wherever in PA to see!

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