“One of the best records ever”

A friend of mine emailed the other day looking for an album by The Sound, The World Needs to Hear. I didn’t have a copy (my Sound collection dates from later in their career) and I felt vaguely as though I should, now that someone whose taste I respect wanted one. So I did a little digging, which involved asking another friend if he could he me out. He responded:

The World Needs to Hear was their debut recording with Rick Strickland, Pat Hoffmaster, Sean Riley and Jess Farmer. It’s one of the best records ever in my opinion. Right up there with the Singing Americans Black and White.

Except this second friend wanted to know if I had a copy (I need new friends!). But high praise all the same, for the Singing Americans were top shelf, for sure. So now of course I want a copy of this album, which has, dismayingly, escaped my possession. Anybody who can help me out, let me know.

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  1. Videoguy wrote:

    Can’t help out with the song hunt, but the Singing Americans mention kind of triggers a “Whatever Happened To…” moment. Anyone know what the Dad & Son Burke (Charlie and Dewayne) are up to nowadays?

  2. James Hales wrote:

    I have the album, albeit not in the greatest shape. It’s not an easy record to find, and it’s even harder to find it in a nice fashion. It truly is a great record. Has a couple of awesome tunes on it…”Here Comes the Bride” and “Mender of Broken Wings”.

  3. Faith wrote:

    WOW! I can’t believe that other people remember the early Sound recordings. They were awesome; too bad I don’t have my old tapes anymore. Anyone know where I could get some replacements? (Avery, if you find out, please let me know!)

    Btw, do any Sound fans recall that the Kingsmen did a cover of ‘Here Comes The Bride’ on their ‘You’re Not Alone’ recording? I remember when I first heard that I was impressed that they knew the song.

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    James mentioned two of my favorite cuts from the album. A third one is, I’ve Been Bought By The King. Great stuff indeed. It took me well over a decade to find ANYTHING by the sound, and even longer to find this one. Part of the problem was not knowing album titles, part is that internet searches for “The Sound” and LP or some combo brings up far too many results, and third, the latter stuff may have only been issued on tapes.

  5. quartet-man wrote:

    Faith, I forgot to mention when I was last here that I heard that and too was surprised when I heard the Kingsmen’s version. However, it was nowhere near as good as the Sound’s version. :)

  6. Marcus Taylor wrote:

    Pat Hoffmaster & I were good friends and we hunted together in South Texas before he passed away from cancer. I have been trying to find cassette or CD from The Sound/Blackwoods/Singing Americans that have him as featured Tenor.

    Still looking.

  7. David Foster wrote:

    If anybody’s still interested, I recently made a CD-ROM of one of my copies of “The World Needs to Hear”. I’d be glad to share the songs.

    I played the piano for The Sound - and did most of the arrangements on that album - and even I only have 2 copies of the album (one unopened).

    I also have a copy of the single we put out of “Here Comes the Bride” :) It was really sweet - white vinyl, LP-size. We released it in June and sent wedding invitations/announcements to the radio stations about a month or so before we sent out the single.

    I also have Exodus’ EP on CD-ROM and will share those, as well. They’re Christmas tunes, but nice anyway.

    Pat was a great guy — we lost something special when he passed.


  8. Jon Williams wrote:

    David, very interested in a cdr copy of your
    “The World Needs To Hear”…. Awesome production. Please let me know !!

  9. Norman Brashier wrote:

    David, I too am very interested in obtaining a CDR copy of “The World Needs To Hear”. My wife and I wore out a cassette copy, and I can’t find a CD of it anywhere. One of the best Gospel recordings ever. Let me know how to get a copy. Thanks

  10. Scott Morris wrote:

    I picked up an LP copy of “The World Needs to Hear” a couple of months ago, and it’s in terrific condition. It took me just a few weeks to find it, and judging from some of the comments on here I really consider myself very fortunate to have found such a good copy that quickly.

    I agree with all the praise for the album. It’s every bit as good as “Black and White” - probably even better in my opinion. I also agree that “Here Comes the Bride,” “Mender of Broken Wings” (I’m introducing that one to my choir next Sunday), and “Bought by the King” are fantastic, but I’d like to throw out another great song from the album: “Hill of Hope.” That song gives me chills every time I hear it.

    I’d like to say I’ve also been very moved by the singing of Pat Hoffmaster. I have a Blackwood Brothers album featuring him and he’s great on that too. I would love to have met him.

  11. Shawn Drewett wrote:

    I have the LP of THe world needs to hear. I would like a CD copy. Thanks!

  12. pat Jordan wrote:


  13. Eric S wrote:


  14. anthoni wrote:

    I met them several times pat died of cancer soooo sad….i went to 1st assembly of god pastor alton garrison…n sound came several times…n to remount n the 80s please someone post you tube of these songs from orig so we can be blessed

  15. VICKI wrote:


  16. David Foster wrote:

    Hello all - I’m so sorry to have been so delayed responding here.. but I have good news.

    Anybody that wants to can click this link to download a zipped file containing all the song from “The World Needs To Hear” in .mp3 format..


    If the link doesn’t work, you’ll need to copy and paste it into your browser.

    When the page comes up, please be sure to click the “Save an online copy for later access” check-box before downloading the file so that everybody that wants a copy can have one.

    The link expires on 10/17/12. I hope everybody enjoys these..

    Now I need to come up with the same deal for our Christmas EP we did after we moved to Nashville and changed our name to Exodus!


  17. David Foster wrote:

    No takers yet? Well, since this link expires today, if anybody is interested later, drop me an email at jdavidf@comcast.net and I’ll see if I can do another download link for you.


  18. Scott Morris wrote:

    I’d really encourage anyone reading this to contact David about that file. It’s not at all an exaggeration to call “The World Needs to Hear” one of the best records ever. I paid more for my copy than I’m usually willing to pay for an album and it was worth every cent!

  19. David Foster wrote:

    Thanks Scott, for the kind words.. that album was one of the best things I was ever involved with.. and it’s amazing that after all this time there are still people who remember us!

  20. Ronnie Bishop wrote:

    love it that people still love the song I wrote Here The Bride. keep in touch want to here from all of you. Ronnie

  21. Ronnie Bishop wrote:

    I Ment to say Here Comes The Bride. And i have a copy you might really like. also I think Saundra Reilly might have The Sounds cut of it. or Lou Hillbreth in Houston

  22. Ronnie Bishop wrote:

    i think the great Lari Goss produced all of the album The Sound the World Needs to Hear.I know he did the single of Hear Comes The The Bride. I didnt know to much about gospel music industry when i wrote the song at a bible study in Tulsa. Boy Ive learned alot ha. But I knew that group was special.

  23. Scott Morris wrote:

    Lari Goss did produce that album. I recently saw photos of one of the 12″ singles (the first one played on radio, no less), the letter sent along with said single, and one of the “wedding invitations” that were sent out to radio stations for “Here Comes the Bride.” Very clever marketing.

  24. Jonathan Lowrance wrote:

    Hey David, my dad wrote “Mender of Broken Wings” and “Blessed Shall You Be.” Mender will forever be my favorite song that my dad wrote. My parents led worship at Don Riley’s church back when The Sound was hitting it big. My parents actually just recorded Mender again on a new record in the past few weeks. I’m sure that you guys have probably met or even know each other. Dad probably has several copies of this record lying around, but I’ll check. Thanks to everyone for the kind words about Mender. I’ll pass it on to my dad.

  25. Glenda Nixon wrote:

    Ronnie Bishop, this is Glenda Nixon, Joann Hoffmaster’s sister-in-law. We were talking tonight and we are all looking for some of Pat’s music. She has some how lost his songs/music. We would appreciate copies any of them that you can get for her.
    Thanks, Glenda

  26. David Foster wrote:


    If you’ll email me at jdavidf@comcast.net, I can get the mp3’s to you of the records we did. Pat was one of the very best and you can never have enough of his music.

    I hope you’ll give my love to Joann, please! She’s a real gem..

    Best to you,
    David Foster

  27. Sally Davis wrote:

    When Don Riley became my father in law in 1992, The original Sound was long over. Before service I would hear him playing the scratchy record player behind his desk. He loved gospel music like no one I have ever known. He would sit up tall and tell me how awesome what I was hearing was (as if I couldn’t tell… Lol) I’m so happy to hear this recording getting such props! I have many copies of it.

  28. Ronnie Bishop wrote:

    I want to say how sorry I am for not staying in touch with some of your requests. I”ve moved to Nashville and have been recording at TBN studio”s in Hendersonville, TN. long story. I”ve shared the miracle of writing “Here Comes The Bride” with very few, and why The Sound Needs To Hear”, and Pat and on and on. email me if I can help you in any way. bishopmusicnashville@yahoo.com

  29. Ronnie Bishop wrote:

    If you will go to wwwdeepredprodutions.com and go to the facebook page you can hear Michael English singing “Here Comes The Bride”, and others. See what you think?

  30. Ronnie Bishop wrote:

    By the way Glenda Nixon email me at bishopmusicnashville@yahoo.com

  31. Sue Contreras wrote:

    Oh my goodness, I am so glad to find this site. I am listening to sister Saundra’s teaching Sprinkled 7 Times. I have some tapes and was trying to figure out how to convert them to mp3 before they get ruined. Hi David, I have the tape that has my favorite I Fell in Love with a King,and it’s really real by Saundra Riley. I would love to get any songs that are out there.

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