Photos: Crossway and McCraes

Thanks to NM for the heads up on these photos of the recent Crossway/McCraes video shoot. As NM notes, the folks at Gospel Music Update on are the ball, and the photos really manage to capture a lot of what the evening seems to have been like.

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  1. Bob wrote:

    “capture a lot of what the evening seems to have been like.”

    Wow, don’t they ever. Them boys need a haircut and some fashion advice. ‘Nuff said.

    Sheesh, I feel like Roy Pauley……

  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Jeans are NOT a good look for everybody! Perhaps a consultation with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly would be in order.

  3. ST wrote:

    Why does the Beatles of the 60s have better haircuts and dress better than gospel singers today?

    Come out from among the world and be ye seperate. It is a shame for a man to have long hair. Does anyone remember these words from the KJV that most people have replaced?

    This is ridiculus.

  4. Jim wrote:

    Thanks for the update - I wasn’t able to go, but now I really wish I would have. I’m pretty sure from some of the pictures that there must have been some singing going on - so, while the pictures “capture” some of what was going on, I’m sure the best part of the evening has not even been commented on.
    While we’re quoting Scripture, what about the verse that mentions that “man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart”?
    Never in a million years did I think I’d go to Jerry Kirksey for a balanced look on this sort of thing, but check out his article for December and January - you might be as surprised (and ashamed) as I was.

  5. BL wrote:

    I think, the better question is why do the gospel singers of today dress in a way that is not relevent to most of the people who need to find Him. I know that the old school metality will never go away but lets be real, get over the whole jeans/suit and tie thing. God doesn’t care. You can argue the point all you want about modesty and try to define what the Bible says about that and that will float. Otherwise you have no Biblical backing. Come out and be seperate from the world doesn’t fly, sorry. If you want to be legalistic and use that scripture to your advantage to knock down what people are wearing then it can be used for everything, and I do mean everything, that we all do. Some people wear suits, well be seperate from them too then and quit wearing suits! You are right it is ridiculous. I know that God isn’t smiling on you because you are defending what YOU think is right. Well let it be right for you don’t wear jeans, just don’t push it off on anyone else. Just FYI, last night the concert was in a mall. Hmmm how many people in the mall that may have stopped in to eat or see who was singing had on suits? NONE. How many people in the crowd had jeans on??? 85%. So while I agree there are times to wear suits, I also know there are times to wear jeans, and yes even jeans with holes! Oh my. I promise you aren’t reaching the younger generation in your suit and tie. It makes you stuffy and stodgy. Like it or not that is the truth of the matter. Oh one last thing, I don’t know if you know it or not, but the KJV Bible is a TRANSLATION just like NIV, NASB, CSB etc. They are all translated from the original. KJV was translated an written in a way that worked for that time period. People that put God in a box by limiting what His people can wear, or what Bible that use are going to be so upset when they stand in His presence and He says, man you missed the point. Reach them, I don’t care how but reach them. Jeans, NIV, whatever just make sure they know who I am. Spend your energy on building His kingdom, not tearing down His workers.

  6. THOM wrote:

    You go BL! Amen.

  7. Ron Phillips wrote:

    Wear what is appropriate, period.

    To the KJV’ers… it is a lovely translation in English but while thinking about it, if it’s the only authenic translation, I’m glad I wasn’t born in Bulgaria or Iraq, etc. because I probably wouldn’t understand a word of it.

    Happy New Year.

  8. Dean Adkins wrote:

    My comment earlier wasn’t a reference to whether or not jeans were appropriate but that some body types are not appropriate for jeans.

  9. NM wrote:

    You only linked to ONE gallery -there are 2 on that website - I just looked…great photos!

  10. SL wrote:

    How in the heck does wearing jeans have anything to do with being saved….?? Come on folks, let’s get back to the ranch. I would quote something inspiring from the Word, but -by gosh, I misplaced that original scroll again!

  11. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Great job on the galleries.

  12. dkd wrote:

    Since the concert was at the Gibson Cafe at the Opry Mills Mall jeans was the appropriate mode of dress. Suits, ties, wing tips, buzz cuts or any other stereotypical SG dress would have been inapproptiate. In agreement with SL “What the heck does Jeans or any other type of dress have to do with anything? Has anyone heard these guys? They are good!

  13. MM wrote:

    BL, tread carfully when entering the realm of textual criticism. The KJV does not come from the same “origional” as the others.

  14. Jim wrote:

    You are correct. It is understood by most scholars that the texts used to translate the KJV are INFERIOR to those used for the newer translations. Check it out, lots of info on the internet if you care to search. Geisler and Nix had a great book out several years ago - I believe the title is “From God to Us”.

    That being said - if we all practiced the Bible as it has been given to us, we’d have no time for these kinds of arguments, bacause we’d be too busy serving one another and expanding the kingdom

  15. NG wrote:

    Fashions change. The people alive at the time of Jesus didn’t wear jeans but also didn’t wear suits and ties. To relate dress to one’s faith seems strange to me. When I was child, almost all adults wore suits and ties to sporting events let alone church. Most men wore hats (fedoras). Now only a few older guys (sometimes including me) wear a tie to my church.

  16. Jenn wrote:

    oh please….here we go again- debates on clothing. for crying out loud, they were dressed decent- so let’s get over it!

  17. MM wrote:

    Thank you for your support Jim, but I was not entering into a debate on the KJV. Just stating fact.

  18. JS wrote:

    Crossway and The Mcraes did a great job the other night. I was there and not only did they sound great, but the gospel was actually presented in a shopping mall. That’s awesome!! What a witness it was, and the people who presented it (CW & MCRs) were first class and made me proud to be apart of this genre…

  19. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    I would agree that most scholars deem the KJV’s text inferior. However, this consensus is by no means unanimous, because a small but steadily growing number of scholars are supporting the majority text.

  20. smells wrote:

    Come on Avery. Do you have to publish everything everyone says? This site is becoming way to reminiscent of sogospelnews forums. Between this back and forth banter about nothing and the overdoses of DBM, it’s really beginning to be too much.

  21. Ron Phillips wrote:

    I smells a little jealousy, perhaps?

  22. Ryan wrote:

    When one foot is in the grave, it’s hard to see the world outside of the cemetary.

  23. smells wrote:

    Ron, no jealousy issues. This site is refreshing, I would like for it to stay that way.

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