From the “This is news?” department

It ain’t news but it sure is entertaining. From the SN:

No Tickets Remain for 17th Annual Lenior Winterfest.

LENIOR, N.C.(Press Release) - It has been announced that all tickets for the 17th Annual Lenior (N.C.) Winterfest, scheduled for January 26, has sold out. Promoter Tony Greene appreciates all the support that has been shown for this event.

For more information, call (828) 297-3030.

More information about what, exactly?

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  1. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Actually, it is news…it ain’t often a SG event sells out!

  2. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    DBM–Unless it’s a Signature Sound concert or a Homecoming, of course!

  3. eddie crook wrote:

    The press release could spell the name of the town correctly…Lenoir. It also begs the size of the venue and the talent lineup. How many tickets were actually sold and how many comps?

  4. Angel wrote:

    Why bother to get the spelling correct if you’re going to butcher the grammar?

    “all the tickets…has sold out”

    Call me nitpicky.

  5. Chuck wrote:

    Classic SG press release.. there are more like this than not.. and people wonder why I preach against copy and paste so much.

    I like the Singing News.. They could and should do better. I think they will improve.

    I am praying that they will.

  6. Chuck wrote:

    … another thought.. Douglas is right, basically.. it isn’t news.. but it could be re-written… and make a decent news item. Maybe include the info others have cited here,.. maybe more in depth comments from Tony Greene.

    Press releases should be the starting point for good news articles.

  7. CVH wrote:

    SN probably had a couple of column inches they couldn’t sell. Either fill it with this or LaBreeska’s banana bread recipe. (I would have opted for the recipe.)

  8. Montana man wrote:

    I’m with you, Angel. It’s part of southern gospel grammar, I guess.

  9. nancy wrote:

    It a big deal these days if any concert sells out!! It has to do with line up!

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