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Courtesy of DBM:

True ministry is MORE about using profits to do tangible good in the world and LESS about performing a weepy rehearsed testimony during every concert to stir up an emotional audience.

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  1. Greg wrote:

    that is deep. True

  2. smells wrote:

    IF I wanted to read what David Bruce Murray has written, then I would go to HIS website and read it.

  3. Randy wrote:

    He’s correct. From The New Testament Greek Lexicon:

    diakoniĆ°a (ministry)

    1. service, ministering, esp. of those who execute the commands of others
    2. of those who by the command of God proclaim and promote religion among men
    1. of the office of Moses
    2. of the office of the apostles and its administration
    3. of the office of prophets, evangelists, elders etc.
    3. the ministration of those who render to others the offices of Christian affection esp. those who help meet need by either collecting or distributing of charities
    4. the office of the deacon in the church
    5. the service of those who prepare and present food

    (Thayer and Smith. “The New Testament Greek Lexicon”)

  4. Scott wrote:

    Yeah–take that, Peg…..

  5. BC wrote:

    And sometimes that weepy, rehearsed testimony is used to rake in some tangible profits so that you can afford the next model of Prevost Le Mirage XL II to hit the market.

  6. NG wrote:

    Avery: Keep posting comments you find interesting by Murray or anyone else. They help add to the discussion whether or not one likes the comment or the writer of it.

  7. Sue wrote:

    We are all called to true ministry, called to use our resources to help the poor and weak. Just because we are not aware of a ministry others may be involved in, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it. Our concern should be whether WE are using OUR resources in a way that honors God and serves mankind. Thanks for the reminder of what we’re really supposed to be doing… regardless of how we earn our living.

  8. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I usually make a standard crack about anonymous comments, but then I realized “smells” had signed his name after all. :o)

  9. smells wrote:

    I’m sure there’s nothing standard about your crack!

  10. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    It generates “smells” on a regular basis, that’s for sure!

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