Selling off the Crabb Family, piece by piece

Somebody (Gerald Crabb?*) is selling off a bit of the Crabb Family legacy before the farewell tour is even over (hat tip, JB). Ouch. Current bid: $2.25. Double ouch.

*The Ripley, MS, connection is the tip off that this is probably Crabb.

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  1. » Around the blogosphere… on 20 Jan 2007 at 12:12 pm

    […] Finally, Doug at the Averyfineline blog notices that someone living in the same city Gerald Crabb lives–possibly Crabb himself–is selling the Crabb Family’s Singing News plaque commemorating their No. 1 hit in September 2002, “Don’t You Wanna Go.” […]


  1. Scott wrote:

    well…how ricky goodman of them. I mean, he sold their schwinn exercise bikes and their twin Mercedes. And his mother’s pant-suits.

  2. mark wrote:

    First of all……the owner is in Ripley. MS so it is not Gerald Crabb. DO you think a songwriter would sell that for $30 bucks?(min. bid) I don’t think that that kind of money is going to change your life enough to sell it!
    These trophys are often given to marketing people, radio promoters, session players ect…..

    Kind of tacky to say it is Gerald.

  3. e wrote:

    How embarrassing for the rest of this family.

  4. John Sanders wrote:

    The only Crabb that lives in Ripley, MS is Gerald Crabb. He moved down there when he married his new wife. I mean… why is he trying to sell that? Sounds like someone needs money…sad really….do you think he will sell more of them?? Who knows??

  5. smells wrote:

    That is terrible to me. Isn’t that a special item to him? I know it would be to me. Forever and ever I would treasure that plaque. Sad and pathetic.

  6. beck wrote:

    I have seen the family on TV and in concert lately. Their economics don’t seem any different than ever. I don’t think he needs money, I feel there was a ugly point being made. Read between the lines.

  7. John Sanders wrote:

    According to this Gerald and his new wife do live in Ripley, MS.

  8. John Sanders wrote:

    Also I was looking on Gerald’s website and his birthday is 1-2-58 and the screen name on ebay has 1258 in it. hum….. His father’s middle name is Millard…hum …. The screen name is Millard1258

  9. Tom wrote:

    Way to go, Avery! You would make a great fundraiser. Just mention the auction in your blog and the bidding goes up from $2.25 to what is currently $152.50 with three days left! (Click on the bid history and you will see that the bidding frenzy began on the afternoon of the 19th, shortly after this free ad for it was posted.) Gerald couldn’t buy better publicity!

  10. JB wrote:

    The Singing News plaque is given to the writer ONLY and he does live in Ripley.

  11. Tom wrote:

    Another curious fact — this millard1258 eBay account was set up nearly three years ago on April 5, 2004, but hasn’t seen any activity (at least hasn’t gotten any feedback) until now.

  12. beck wrote:

    If this is what he has to do to raise money? Maybe he will sell copies of his kids birth certificates next, or maybe, their childhood videos? I know the rest of the family has to be embarrassed.

    I think this is fairly thankless for a writer, especially under the circumstances of the climate of his career. What does the Singing News staff Jim Cumbee, Gerry Kirksey, and most people that bother to honor a writer feel when they sell the “trophy” on ebay.

    Why not give it to the Crabb Family?

    It is VERY Rick Goodmanish. YUCK!

  13. bsb wrote:

    I can’t imagine the embarrassment would be worth any amount of money. Sad!!!!

  14. mark wrote:

    hhhhmmmmmm……….guess I was wrong…..I stand corrected.

  15. JB wrote:

    I wonder if he even called to see if the kids would buy it for themselves or even for their kids. Im sure this is the type of things they would like to hand down to their children.

  16. BL wrote:

    Honestly folks! It’s a Singing News fan award. We’re not talking about a Grammy award here. And besides, the #1 song plaque goes to both the writer and the artist, meaning the Crabbs have one too. It’s not like he’s selling the only one there is.

  17. Mindy wrote:

    I figure if it’s his property, he has the right to do as he wishes with it and no one has the right to judge his decision.

  18. Charlie wrote:

    Actually, NO. It’s NOT a FAN award. It’s a plaque that is (or was) given MONTHLY to the one whose song sits at the Number One position for THAT month by the SN. Gerald got MANY of these in the past, and I forsee him getting more in the future, if the current owners of SN still do this.

    Someone mentioned The Oaks and The G’mans. They would’ve received about 14 or 15 of these puppies back in their day. Songs would hit the Number One slot, and STAY THERE FOREVER! (I think The Speers had one stay at #1 for over 14 months.) If they decided to ebay off about 10 or 12 of them, would you feel any different? I think not.

    I think this is JUST because too many of you self righteous and hungry vultures get your jollies by passing judgment on someone, when you don’t even have a clue as to the circumstances of the parties involved.

    People like THAT are why our industry is looked down on by others. It’ not what does or does not go on in the lives of the artists and industry personnel. It’s how the ignorant idiots who just thrive on hurting other people and discrediting them run rampant with any little thing they can dig up. God help you all on Judgment Day. I’m glad it’ll be up to God to do the judging. If it was up to me, ya’ll would be in a mess.

  19. Joyce Luman wrote:

    The Bible says, Don’t be a busybody in other mens matters.” I think what that means is it is really none of anybodies business what Gerald Crabb does with his life or his plaques. My husband and I love to hear the man preach and sing. He is all about Jesus and if your around him for any length of time you would know that. We pray his life is Happy and Blessed.

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