Gerald Crabb, in his own words

Here’s what Gerald Crabb has to say about the ebaying of Crabb memorabillia:

Why would Gerald put a # 1 plaque on Ebay ?

First, because I live in America and in America after you have reached the age of twenty one you have rights. One of those rights is putting items on Ebay if you are the owner.

Second, hopefully this following story will shed a little light on the matter…

Several years ago I was given a beautiful picture from Howard & Vestal Goodman which had been signed by both of them. After their death, I was looking on Ebay and ran across the necktie that Howard had worn in the picture they had given me. I bought the tie, still have it, and wouldn’t take anything for it. Which was better, for Ricky to throw the tie in a box in storage or allow someone to own it that would treasure it? I’m sure Ricky has a lot of Happy Goodman memorabilia that he would never part with, but how special was it that he would share with the fans and friends that loved the Goodman’s dearly?

I have so many things, such as these plaques, that have been in a box for over three years. Why not give someone an opportunity to own and cherish such a special item?
The “Through The Fire”, “Please Forgive Me”, & “The Cross” plaques can be seen in museums. Believe me I have a lot of Crabb Family treasures that will remain in my care until death.

That’s the way I see it. That’s the way it is. Anyone who wants to make something more from this is sadly mistaken. As far as the funds generated from this, it will probably be given away. I find great joy in giving.

May God Bless You All,
Gerald Crabb

P.S. It would be very interesting if people would use their real name on these post .
That would be a real HOOT !

Update: Another songwriter (Joel Lindsey) weighs in:

Many times, when a song goes #1, the writer receives multiple plaques…one from the Singing News, one from the artist, one from the record company, even from the publisher sometimes. Someone who has had as many #1 songs as Gerald can’t possibly find a place for them all.

My publisher gives out beautiful framed awards with the cd cover mounted with a metal plaque inscribed with the writer’s names, etc.. These are much more beautiful (and look more impressive hanging on the wall) than the SN plaques. Therefore, the SN plaques sit in a box in the back of my closet. If I thought I could sell them on ebay, I probably would.

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  1. scy wrote:

    Wouldn’t take anything for a tie, but would take something for a piece of history that involves your kids? I still don’t get it.

  2. LaRolf McCoin wrote:

    I’m agreeing with scy. Is Gerald saying that the Goodman memorbelia is more important that his own Children’s awards? I am a great fan, both of the crabbs and the Goodmans, ….however, I would think that the more deserving persons for the #l would be his own children.

  3. Tom wrote:

    Oh, Gerald, I see, kind of like how millard1258 is your real name.

  4. Snarfie wrote:

    I don’t see the big deal. Gerald Crabb wrote the song that won the honor and can, therefore, do what he wants with the award. Is it just the fact that his kids recorded it that has everyone in a snit? I mean, seriously, if the song had been recorded by the Ima Noynted Qt., would there have been this rending of garments and sorrowful wailing? You can’t take it with you when you go, folks. Why not let someone else share your “riches” and have the satisfaction of knowing about it while you’re still around?

  5. Joel (my real name) wrote:

    Many times, when a song goes #1, the writer receives multiple plaques…one from the Singing News, one from the artist, one from the record company, even from the publisher sometimes. Someone who has had as many #1 songs as Gerald can’t possibly find a place for them all.

    My publisher gives out beautiful framed awards with the cd cover mounted with a metal plaque inscribed with the writer’s names, etc.. These are much more beautiful (and look more impressive hanging on the wall) than the SN plaques. Therefore, the SN plaques sit in a box in the back of my closet. If I thought I could sell them on ebay, I probably would.

  6. BL wrote:

    It’s just a plaque. They know they won. They’ve actually probably forgotten by now. Some things mean more than others. When I was younger I won numerous academic awards. After a while, some of them got lost or misplaced. My parents kept the ones that meant something to them and discarded the others. After you receive that many number 1’s, it’s really the accomplishment that matters to you. Not the plaque.

  7. Bethany wrote:

    I agree with you Snarfie, but I don’t think it’s even the fact that his kids sang the song. It’s just the fact that Gerald Crabb did ANYTHING. It’s obvious to me that some people or person sit around and just watch for his next move so they can continue to crucify him. I’m amazed at how OBSESSED some people are! Don’t worry Gerald, you’ll never be able to do anything right and the Southern Gospel community will continue to remind you of it EVERY chance they get!!

  8. Thom wrote:

    Gerald has the right to do whatever he wishes to do with his own personal property - just like Rick Goodman has the right to do whatever he wants to do with his.

    Thom Rawls

  9. Brian Copeland wrote:

    I was Gerald’s publisher while he was writing many of these song. Joel is correct in the fact you do receive many plaques from lots of folks. The interesting thing on the eBay area is that it not the songwriter or publisher plaque. It is Family Music Group’s, which (I think) doesn’t have an office, trophy case, wall to hang anything on. Gerald (I think) still has his personal songwriter one as well (probably) as his publisher one. Yes, I have seen the stack. Thanks for giving people the chance to own it Gerald. I treasure the “Through The Fire” plaque you guys gave me and makes me feel even more connected to a rich history of music.

  10. magazine girl wrote:

    So do you think the plaques are that useless? Maybe we should re-think the plaques and follow other genres in turning the attention for the song toward the artist entirely? The attitude feels displaced for such a “small pond” music. I would have expected a very different opinion from these writers. I have noticed a very humble, God has blessed me immensely attitude for the interview for most print stories. The placement of the plaque (on ebay) would shock anyone that watches daily the effort that I see from artists that want a break, and need a song to go number one, but this defense surprises even more. Are Dove awards considered too much hassle to store/display also? Are there too many of these given for them to be family heirlooms? What about a Grammy award. Would that be different. I am not critical, just a little surprised by the genre. If this is common (I don’t think I have seen this in Chritian music before), how do the artists feel, especially in a situation like this.

  11. scy wrote:

    Every person has every right to do what they want with their stuff, but selling on ebay is a generic way to do it. Why not just give it away to a special fan, then donate money to charity? Famous people who sell their own memorabillia on ebay makes them look desperate. It reminds me of Cory Feldman selling his teeth. It’s just tacky. I would say that the people who are bidding and are gonna pay at least 150 bucks for it are the obsessed ones.

  12. Trent wrote:

    I would say the people who are paying $150+ for it on eBay are pretty smart. They know that it will be worth a lot more money later on. How much money do you think an Oak Ridge Boys plaque for “King Jesus” would be worth today? How about the plaque for the Goodmans’ “What A Beautiful Day”? I’ll tell you: a lot of money.

  13. Joel (my real name) wrote:

    Magazine Girl,

    I did not (mean to) imply that the awards are useless. I have never thought that and anyone who knows me (or Gerald, if I may) knows that the awards are very much appreciated. We work very hard at what we do and when a song goes #1 or receives other attention, it is much celebrated. If I’m being honest, I’ll even admit that I enjoy the awards probably a little too much. However, when multiple plaques are given for the SAME achievement, I simply don’t have room for them all. Therefore I pick one to display and the rest go in a box. What else should I do with them? Am I being ungrateful or insincere because I don’t have wallspace for them all? I don’t think so. However, I do apologize if my approach to the awards struck you as flippant.

  14. Sam wrote:

    I find it interesting that at this writing, although the bid has gone to over $150.00, the seller has established a reserve on the item that still has not been met. “Why not give someone an opportunity to own and cherish such a special item?”, indeed. And if one finds such great joy in “giving,” why such a steep reserve on the auction?

  15. Linda wrote:

    It’s no one’s business but Gerald’s as to anything he does…He is a wonderful, talented man, and I agree with everything he said in reference to the “ebay” situation.
    Who are we to judge anyone?

  16. Bethany wrote:

    Exactly Linda. Ya know, no wonder the Southern Gosple genre is dying out. I’m not suprised with the constant bashing they do of each other. If it’s not criticism of the the way people look and dress it’s criticism of what they do with their own personal belongings! How can God use that? No wonder his kids seem to be leaning to the contemporary side. Who can blame them?

  17. Sandy wrote:

    The emotion, the experiences of life, the love, the time, the effort, (among others) that goes into the creating of a song, then the deliverence of the message…How people are encouraged, blessed, touched (and yes, sometimes changed(lives)…this is what is important.

  18. Jennifer wrote:

    I am glad Gerald took the time to explain why- makes sense to me!!!

  19. JW wrote:

    “Who are we to judge anyone?”

    I always love that ironic statement. AN opinion sure is a dangerous thing to these oh so tolerant Christians! (Don’t be judging me, either!)

    As someone said, think anyone would sell a Grammy (unless seriously in trouble)?

    Give me a break, nobody is saying someone doesn’t have a right to sell an award…thou doth protest too much.

    How’s this deal? For $5 I’ll either call a radio station for your song or vote for you in a magazine award so you can sell it to some sucker.

    And people wonder why Southern Gospel isn’t taken seriously.

  20. bc wrote:

    It’s over!!!!

  21. greg wrote:

    as I posted earlier, Gary S. Paxton won more than one grammy and use them for door stops. You earn respect and Gerald earned his by writing great songs. Hope he earns another 100 plaques …and sells them on ebay if that is his choice.

  22. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Good grief! Wouldn’t we all be embarrassed if the whole world knew what we packed in a box in the attic or dropped off at the Salvation Army? Gerald risked the criticism by listing on E-bay for the whole world to see but it appears he has a thick skin and can roll with the punches.

    If I ever received a plaque for songwriting it would proudly be displayed in a prominent place on the wall. If I had as many as the Crabb family…well, my wife wouldn’t give up that much wall space. Personally, I find it intriguing that SG memorabilia can be found on e-bay. Why not? It only adds to the credibility of the existence and proof of popularity for the seemingly ignored genre.

  23. Rita Stacy wrote:

    Gerald, sweetie next time call me
    I would love to have it! I found out to
    late to bid!!!! You earned it hang it in the
    barn if you want to!!! Love all the Crabbs!

  24. Videoguy wrote:

    I wonder if/how the mechanically-flawed SN charting system skews the SN award. On one level, it would seem to throw a rather saccharine light on the sentiment behind the accolades, thus further justification for Gerald’s actions. On another level, does it allow the right song to get a fair shake in all the right markets? Does it give an unfair voteing advantage to a less deserving song?

    Just some random thoughts.

  25. Videoguy wrote:

    Just for clarification, my thoughts about the right/wrong song is evangelistically speaking and not a particular song, and certainly not Gerald’s. After all, doesn’t the Doves in his pocket sort of scotch his SN award?

  26. Susan Moss wrote:

    Wish I had gotten in on the bidding. I would have loved to have had it. Maybe he will choose to share some other memorabilia with his fans.

  27. Tom wrote:

    The auction has indeed ended, but in seeming contradiction to some of the recent comments, let the record show that Gerald Crabb did NOT sell the plaque. The high bid when the auction ended was $167.50. But the bidding did not reach the reserve amount he set for this auction, so the plaque was not sold. Which makes one wonder what the reserve amount was! And I also wonder if Gerald would dare to try to relist it again after all this brouhaha . . . and if bidding didn’t reach his reserve despite all the publicity this has had, what are the chances bidding will go this high again even if he did relist it?

  28. Cindi Wolfe wrote:

    I suggest you leave the man alone. It’s HIS award, let him do with it as he pleases. Gerald is a good man and has been ‘picked’ to pieces. I admire his God - given gift of song writing and I consider Gerald my friend. BREATHE! It’s okay…much more to concentrate on in this world than what he chooses to sell on ebay! Why not turn your attention to praying for the leadership of our Country. That’s imperative!

  29. Ken Barber wrote:

    Awards are just awards. They are gonna burn one day. I have met the kids and I don’t think they would give much of a hoot if their Dad sells that stuff. As far as I could tell the last time I talked to Jason his desire was to preach Christ and win souls, singing was a way to do that. You folks need to find something to do besides being busibodies in Gerald Crabbs business. If I had the money I would buy it and thank him for making it available. Gerald thanks for the songs you have written, many fit my testimony and I sing them in Churches and prisons. Godsspeed! Ken Barber

  30. fran grubb wrote:

    I was honored to attend a Sunday meeting where Gerald Crabb sang one song and preached the hair on the back of my neck straight up and the roof down. The song that he sang was “You Chose To Be My Friend”. If anyone knows how to get the music for this song would you please let me know? Thanks, and I DID use my real name. Smile.

  31. fran grubb wrote:

    May the Lord bless and enrich Debi and Gerald Crabb and send angels to camp around them and keep them safe and filled with the power to touch and change lives. I just love them and NOBODY can preach and write like Gerald Crabb does without the Holy annointing of our God. My husband and I were blessed beyond measure by their ministry in S.C. last year.

  32. JEFF EVANS wrote:

    we are such great fans of you and your family. your music has so inspired us and brought us through some tough times in our life. we are very interested to know what we would need to do to record some of your songs. thank you in advance for your acknowledgement of this message.

  33. Ron Clark wrote:

    I truly wish people would look at what they have written and think about it , really think.
    God did a work through this family , people thought it was great so they awarded the people with a plaque .Something to say this was special , compare that to what God has shown them as His appreacition and now tell me what the big deal is about the plaque. Do you think God didn’t reward the family as well as Bro. Gerald . I remember a woman at a well when I read this stuff , and what did Jesus say? You can look it up obviously you need something good to read anyway.
    God Bless You

  34. Brenda wrote:

    My name is Brenda:
    Wow people are such hypocrites. Anyone here ever been to a city dump? You see all kinds of “childrens history’s” just thrown in the trash. INCLUDING “trophies”. Class pictures from shool, pictures small kids have OBVIOUSLY drawn and colored. School ribbons and report cards. Trashed. Why? Because you just CANT keep everything. This man has 6 kids. Do you HONESTLY expect him to KEEP it all? If the kids wanted it Im SURE he would have LET THEM have it. Seems to ME that people are just LOOKING for an excuse NOT to respond to the anointed talent this man and his family have been given. Stop taking your eyes off from the Lord and MAYBE what this man does with HIS PERSONAL things wouldnt even bother you. Do you REALLY THINK it matters WHAT he does with HIS personal things? The man has Jesus he doesnt NEED a trophy to PROVE it! Grow up people.

  35. Cherie wrote:

    I agree with Ron and Brenda.
    This family has truly been blessed with a ministry, and has meant a lot to multitudes of people. If Gerald wants to give up a few pieces of memorabilia that is completely up to him. What this family has in the Lord is worth a lot more than the worth of plaques and awards. God bless you all, your family has truly been a blessing to so many.

  36. Ron Johnson wrote:

    Strange thing this thing we call Southern Gospel that we love and hold so dear. I have done some promoting in the gospel field and I am not a large promoter, just an individual who has lost considerable amount of money promoting. Sometimes things happen that we, as fans or otherwise, don’t have an answer to or explanation for, and can only hope good intentions were meant. For example, I promoted a concert a couple years ago with a group (duo) and took a video of the concert and even put one song on you tube, that was, I admit, not the ver best quality, but was plenty goof for youtube, and it had 2800 views and some great comments for the artist. I received an email recently from this artist asking that I take it down from youtube, no explanation as to why, or any other mention of how you doing, or the likes in the email, just please take down the video. I can imagine and have a good ideal why this was asked, not the artist choice but made by the affiliation he now has with a large religous organazation, why else would you take or want something taken down when there are over 2800 views and many many comments on the video. However, this is not my or not my place to question why they wished it taken down, nor did they owe me any explanation for asking me too, just after two years and a change in their circumstances a year or so ago, as I said I think I understand. But, the point I make is, if something belongs to someone, and they choose to get rid of it, that is between them and whoever, if anyone else is involved, not our to question why, and should not affect our opinion of the person or persons. Just my opinion.

  37. jamie franks wrote:

    why can’t people learn to minf their on business.come on people.those of you that wrote on here bashing this dear man of God need to realize a few things.first like gerald said he has rights.he is american,and can do with his stuff hat ever he chooses.does somebody criticize you if you put something on ebay?when the man wrote these beautiful songs he wrote they where by the inspiration of God, and he was the willing vessell that God used to write these songs.people today wanna gage on a gnat and swallow a camel.i know this man and have heard him preach many fact heard him just preach tonight in wynne, the Lord moved tonight through this mans preaching.he is a very humble and kind man.i know he appreciates all the kindnesses shown to him and the recognition he has received for the songs he has wrote.but im pretty sure what he most enjoys is the glory these songs brings God almighty.does the bible not say lay treasures up in heaven and not on the earth.thats what this man is doing when he writes these songs and preaches the word of God.he cant take those things with him.why not let somebody have them that would enjoy them.oh and to the person that said that he was concerned about the goodmans ties than his own kids having the award.well he gave them something better than a stupid plaque.he gave them jesus and they are out minerseting the word of God through song and preaching.please get your eyes back on the big picture and that is getting people saved.

  38. petronella wrote:

    my son damian horne love your song please forgive me.damian sing that song over and over.damian is only 5 years old that s my damian song. thank you gerald crabb

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