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Daniel Mount on the unknown-til-they-disbanded George Amon Webster Trio: I never heard them and didn’t listen to any of their music but I’m sorry to see them go.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    You’re hard on the boy, my man. Give him a break.

  2. Judi wrote:

    Or to paraphrase the old Civil War song, Webster, we hardly knew ye…?

  3. Grigs wrote:

    I heard’em at an NQC showcase and they were good. George Amon has always seemed like a classy guy to me and I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

  4. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Actually, I heard (and mentioned that I heard) sound clips on their website, I believe, and they had a very nice sound. I am amused by your take, though. :)

    (This sort of thing really doesn’t bug me any. It’s a little funny, and it goes with the job. :) )

  5. RNGfreckles wrote:

    I remember the first time I heard him sing with the Heartland Quartet - when I was only 5 years old! They were always my favorite, and always will be.

    George always had a way of picking very talented people to sing with him. Most of the people he sang with have moved on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately, his health is probably what has “done him in.” He is truly a great human being to know. Too bad more people didn’t get a chance to hear them.

  6. Kyle wrote:

    I saw the Heartland Qt back in the 90s. They were very talented despite the fact they weren’t very well known.

    Too bad about the trio.

  7. thom wrote:

    we once had them at our church and they were good. George sat at the piano and played while singing and the other guys stood close by to sing along. overall, good sound and courteous guys.

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