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Three sets of photos to help you kill time before work is done: Reader BC sends along this link to some wonderful Hoppers photos from all over time and space (don’t miss the Festival of Hair shots, one of Kim Hopper and one of Connie). NM recommends shots from the Crabbs/Ball Brothers/Bowlings/Bishop taping here and the NQC website’s photo round up from September in Louisville.

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  1. RF wrote:

    What? No photos of Denise?

  2. Sally wrote:

    I was thinking the same thing. We saw every other version of the Hoppers through their 50 year “heritage”. You’d think they would include their own daughter-in-law.

  3. MF wrote:

    Denise is no longer a Hopper, and from what I understand, she hasn’t been for a few years.

  4. Tom wrote:

    It took awhile, but the Hoppers finally made a lowkey but nonetheless public statement about the situation with Denice in their fairly recent biography. At the end of a fairly long chapter about Dean & Kim, the chapter ends with a brief passage under the subtitle “Difficulties in Life”:

    “It’s important to remember that the Hoppers are real people with real problems. In spite of the many blessings, they also experience their share of challenges and heartbreaks.

    “Mike met and began dating Denice Bradley during the 1990s when she was still in college. Denice, a native of Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, was attending Belmont University, in Nashville, eventually earning a Bachelor’s Degree in commercial music.

    “She and Mike married in 1996. In 1998, when a position came open after Shannon Childress retired from the group, she accepted duties as the pianist for the Hoppers.

    “Sadly the marriage didn’t work out and Denice and Mike legally separated in 2005. A terribly heartbreaking event for the family, the situation remains a private and tragic matter where Mike finds solace in Christ, his family and music” (p. 192).

    So at least they’re on the record about it now, although I’m pretty sure that is the ONLY place in the book where Denice is mentioned (and she’s not in any of the pictures in the book, either).

    Don’t know how current this is, but the page is still active and one would assume it’s still current:

  5. James wrote:

    Denice lives in Wrightsville Beach, NC and seems to be doing very well. If anyone is interested in corresponding with her, she has a page on

  6. Juliet wrote:

    I often wonder why this subject comes up so much? The marriage wasn’t a successful one, end of story. That should really be enough for people. If you wanna know THAT badly then just go ask them…sometimes it’s like highschool with the “gossiping” on this thing..Like really people- get a life.

  7. Paul wrote:

    This thread has been dead for 2 years, why resurrect it, draw attention, whatever?

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