Austin(s) Bridge(s)

So am I just not getting some kind of pseudo-ironic way in which the name of the new country-gospel boy band Austins Bridge plays off the name of the retro-pop band Austin Bridges? Seriously. I don’t get it. Are they trying to get themselves confused with four rock heads from Indiana?

Bonus: Try making their name possessive and you get Austin’s Britches. Teehee.

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  1. Bob wrote:

    Nope, you’re getting it. I can only now imagine the controversy over these guys. I can remember the controversy over Guy’s hair, at least he looks like a GUY! :-)

  2. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    I have to say that I don’t get it as well. I wonder if this gospel group knew of the other group. If they did, then why have a name so close to the pop group’s name? It seems to me that one would want to have their own identity.

  3. Daniel Britt wrote:

    I’ve talked to the guys and from what they’ve told me, the name was fairly randomly chosen (one of the guys is from Austin, Texas).

    Interestingly enough, the group name was changed from Route 43 because of some similarly named group that already uses “Route” as part of their name … Daywind required the name change to be official when they were signed to the label. (I emceed a concert where we officially made the name change public, back with now-defunct Second Mile. Nevertheless, I think Austins Bridge has a nice, fresh sound — and, while not traditional SG, it’s nice to see young talent lean our way.

  4. dana wrote:

    Way to go DAYWIND. These boys have a risk in keeping this name. The info on their website also says Rivers was with the Crabb Family. Does that mean he sang on their albums? Which ones if so? I did not know the Crabb Family ever had vocalists that weren’t family. I have not heard the group, but the Crabb Family connection was real confusing to me. Was he a musician? Is he a singer NOW?? Confusing.

  5. SL wrote:

    Maybe they can sing “Austin’s Britches falling down, falling down, falling down….”

  6. Anita wrote:

    Well I must say that I find the name of this particular group to be irrelevant. I was at one of their concerts a few weeks ago. I attended simply because I had nothing else to do that night and I had NO clue who this group was or how they sounded. They started to sing and I started to grin. They are delightfully DIFFERENT, fresh and unique. They might stir a bit of negativity from the die-hard SG fans, but then, who doesn’t. I absolutely fell in love with the sound that these guys have and when I fall in love with “a sound”, the group could be called the Pigs From Poland and be from Australia for all I care.

  7. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Pigs from Poland? I love it! Then you could go by PFP to appear hip to the CCM crowd.

    I haven’t heard the group except for a few clips off of their Myspace page (I’m impressed), but look forward to the first release. Next week I will be working with Rivers for a few hours so maybe I will hear…the rest of the story.

    Dana - He was piano player for the Crabbs and is now vocalist/keyboardist for Austin’s Bridge.

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