Janet Paschal and Vine Records

In a day or two you’ll be seeing a press release about Janet Paschal signing with Vine Records, the new label created by Wayne Haun and Kevin Ward. I usually don’t post on this kind of everyday stuff, but I’ve made an exception in this case because 1)I heart Janet Paschal music and this signifies something of a formal return for her after taking it easy* for the last few years and 2)Vine Records more generally embodies the kind of nimbler, leaner label capable of producing top-shelf music without crippling itself with unnecessary overhead that I discussed a recent post here.

In essence, Vine is a boutique operation. All Vine music is licensed through the Crossroads music company. Vine retains all creative control, production authority and say-so over graphics. Crossroads then markets, distributes and help promote the Vine projects. Vine keeps its costs down (no office, no staff to speak of beyond Haun and Ward) by giving Crossroads a little bigger piece of the pie. Artists get award winning producers and southern gospel’s best arranger in Haun, and – ideally – all’s right with the world.

Haun has produced most of Paschal’s stuff in the past, and with the Vine structure, she can retain Haun as producer and get the kind of promotional and distribution support that she couldn’t have with the independent projects Haun produced with her.

Paschal’s first Vine recording will be her hymns project, which I understand is moving from the conceptual stages to the early stages of production and is slated for release in June.

*As in “taking it easy from her music career because she was very sick.” No more need to gallop in on your white steeds to defend Paschal from my insensitivity.

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  1. Kristie wrote:

    I think you need to ask Janet if she thought dealing with breast cancer and all of the treatments is “taking it easy for the last few years.” I, for one, beg to differ!

    I do agree with you on one point…I love Janet’s music too!

  2. RF wrote:

    I’m certain Doug meant nothing by that remark. It had nothing to do with her medical problems. Fact is, she had few releases in the last five years.

    I was thrilled to see her on the NQC tape, looking fine and singing well. She’s one of my favorties and I look forward to this new beginning with Vine.

  3. David wrote:

    I usually agree with you, however I think this is a bit low. For some one, such as your self, to claim to be in the “know” the statement about Janet “taking it easy” shows just how out of touch you are and maybe you just don’t know everything after all. Facing breast cancer is not like taking a Sunday drive, but unless you’ve lived with it or known someone with it you would not. Maybe you should have consider a better choice of words.

  4. CVH wrote:

    Nice to see the two (Janet and Vine) come together. I have moderately high hopes for the label (tempered only by my occasional but persistent cynicism, nothing to do with the parties involved here) and beyond its own success, that it may become a model for others to follow. Adept, nimble and skilled players (I mean creatives in this sense, not musicians) are the future of the business.

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