The Bridge, reconsidered

I don’t like to make a habit of pulling posts, but I’ve given this some thought and decided to yank the earlier reference that was here to Candy Christmas’s Bridge ministry. I should have done my research first and while the point I was trying to make is still worth making - the Gaither spotlight can stream in like magic sunlight on some careers … and then turn off just as quickly - the Christmas example was a poor choice inasmuch as it seemed to disparaged what looks like a thoroughly decent and genuinely good humanitarian effort that we need more of. I’ll have something more substantive to say about the effect of Gaitherization on individual careers in a future post.

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  1. Marjorie wrote:

    Appreciated the brief item on Candy Christmas. I have wondered many times where she was. Time has passed since the original Gaither Homecoming and (in all due respect) most are dead or gone. Marj

  2. Sandy wrote:

    I’ve haven’t seen her with Bill in a long time! I don’t expect to see her back with Bill anytime soon…

  3. Bob wrote:

    It looks like a wonderful ministry to the homeless and less-fortunate. From the website, she started the ministry in late 2004 and a team of more than 75 volunteers pack trucks, bag groceries, gather clothing, etc. to aid over 300 homes evert Tuesday and Thursday. I’m glad to see such Christian love in action, and I will be praying for The Bridge Ministry. (

  4. Kevin wrote:

    this is a cruel statement. Candy still travels on the weekends and sings in churches and other places. She does this because she wants to reach out to the people in Nashville that are less fortunate - she does this by choice - because it is a MINISTRY!!!!!

  5. Kevin wrote:

    Thank you!!!!

  6. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Avery, thanks for pulling that post. I didn’t want to criticize it while it was up, but it is a fact that some singers willingly and intentionally eschew the spotlight to minister in other areas.

  7. thom wrote:

    good move mr moderator. it would be encouraging to see more sg ‘artists’ doing similar work of ministry to the needy -really giving back. I know the Lord will reward her many, many time over.

  8. Tara Jackson wrote:

    Gaither’s Magic Carpet Ride Ends Under a Bridge??

    Whoa. I’m glad I actually didn’t see the original post.

    My name is Tara Jackson, and I happen to sing with Candy every single week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Bridge Ministry. While for some, it might seem like her “glory” days are over, it is the exact opposite. Candy’s passion is to win souls, and that’s exactly what she is doing every single week…not just out on the road on the weekends, but under the Bridge and in the other locations.

    Let me explain how it all works.
    On Tuesday evenings, we meet under the Jefferson Street Bridge in Nashville, TN. Many, MANY volunteers work very hard during the day (and other days) to cook a hot meal and get toiletry items and various other items organized for this time. There are sometimes 100 - 200 homeless and low-income folks that come down to get a hot meal, and then listen to the worship service / sermon / gospel being presented. Many lives have been changed by this weekly event, and many more people have been touched across the country.

    And did Candy feel that God wanted her to stop with just Tuesdays? No. He laid it on her heart to continue all over Nashville on Thursday evenings, by reaching out to low-income families across the metro area. We do the same thing as we do on Tuesday evenings, but now, we have 4 locations that rotate each Thursday evening, i.e. Shelby Street on the 4th Thursday, Gallatin on the 3rd Thursday, etc. At these locations, we bring grocery bags filled with food, and then extra food that has been donated to the already overflowing warehouse. We will load people’s cars down with so much food that they can barely fit in the car themselves! It’s amazing!

    And we’re not just stopping with Nashville! We went to Jamestown, TN, back in December and took 20,000 pounds of food to one of the poorest communities in TN. We had a drawing for brand new appliances, recliners, heaters, microwaves, etc. We saw many people get saved that day.

    Many churches across the country have come to Nashville to observe the Bridge Ministry, and have started their own “Bridge Ministries” in their communities.

    I could go on and on and on about all the good that this ministry does. This was something that was laid on Candy’s heart over 25 years ago, and has now come to fruition. I challenge you and your readers that when they are in Nashville to come and see what we do on a Tuesday and/or Thursday night. The Gaither days might have passed, but the GLORY days are alive and well and we will only know how many lives and souls have been saved by this great work when we are in Heaven.

  9. Larry Johnson wrote:

    I also help out with Bridge Ministries and I am proud to do so.

    Candy sings at Churches and other venues on weekends to help fund this. There are also Churches and others who donate money and goods to help feed the poor.

    Every time I am there I see many saved and others give up addictions and all are truly blessed.

    Isn’t this the exact thing Jesus would be doing?

    If you would go to a Bridge service you would see Jesus there in many ways.

  10. Krista Rogers wrote:

    I am very upset at the original item you posted about Candy Christmas.

    My church helps out at the 2 weekly services and we see the poor and homeless helped each week.

    Candy has a heart for the poor and she could very well be singing before thousands, but she chooses to help the poor instead.

    I wonder how many saw your original item degrading Candy and decided to never support her.

    I will pray for you and I will continue to support Candy and Kent Christmas and the Bridge Ministry.

  11. Videoguy wrote:

    What a different world this might be were it a requirement that all Christian gospel artists take time out to fish outside the aquariums.

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