More “Get Away Jordan” release details

Reliable sources confirm that EHSSQ moved roughly 25,000 pieces of product (split about evenly between cd and dvd) in the debut week of Get Away Jordan. Of that, about 17,000 of the units shipped were part of “non-traditional” sales – that is, not part of the standard retail transaction in which one person purchases one piece of product. In this case, that means the Gaither connection accounted for roughly 70% of Get Away Jordan purchases in the first week.

Just on the non-Gaither purchases, Get Away Jordan did extraordinarily well by pretty much any southern gospel standard. Indeed, even gospel albums that play really well on radio might not sell as well in any given week three or four months out from release as EHSSQ did on its own - minus those “non-traditional” Homecoming sales - with this album’s debut. And/but clearly the Gaither brand adds substantial value to an already popular product.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    Well, I got my two preordered through Gaither, but would have gotten them even without the Gaither Connection. The deal is, I have free shipping with Gaither, they offer the best deal, I get it before it is released, and I got an autographed book. :)

  2. RK wrote:

    I was able to purchase this CD last week at Wal-Mart. Much to my surprise, it was prominently displayed in the Christian music, with ample copies available. My experience has been that finding southern gospel product there has been a bit of treasure hunt (save for various Gaither Homecoming fare), requiring a treacherous dig through mountains of black gospel, CCM, praise & worship, etc.

    My hope is that Gaither has a solid distribution deal with Wal-Mart that will drive sales, and perhaps encourage other key players to do the same.

  3. Doug Sword wrote:

    Both the dvd and cd were prominently displayed at my local Walmart. The interesting thing was that it was not displayed with the Christian videos and cd’s. It was displayed in the hit area with best selling dvd’s and cd’s from all genres of music.

    As a point of interest, I also saw Greater Vision’s latest project there. As RK said, it was buried in the Christian music section, but there none the less.

  4. LSJ wrote:

    Out here in WV, I haven’t seen either available anywhere. It makes me sad.

  5. Dean Adkins wrote:

    In “OW” country (that’s Out Wayne) for non-West Virginians, the project is available in our local Wally Mart. Sometimes we Wayne Countians get a bad rap (as in ignorant, backward hilljacks), but the project is available here. BTW, the cover art as described in another blog, wasn’t enough to entice me to buy.

  6. HML wrote:

    Well, isn’t that something. :-)

  7. VA Fan wrote:

    I purchased the DVD and CD at Wal-Mart, although I had to dig a little to find them.

    Both are great!!!

  8. dbrandon wrote:

    Jealousy is such an ugly sin. I’m a pastor and I often get calls from groups (or agents) wanting me to book them (or their clients) for a concert. I’ve NEVER been called by EH&SSQ or BG&GVB. Seems like they have all the dates they can handle. Your constant degrading of these brothers makes me wonder if you don’t wish you had the ability to sing with them. Can’t you rejoice in their attainments rather than begrudging it because you are not a part of it?

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