NQC 07

Via amgs, I see the NQC 07 schedule is up. Discuss.

Update: I had a chance during lunch to look at the lineup briefly. Some instant reactions.

  • Hope’s Call gets a spot on one of the Thurs-Fri lineups … good for them (and I see the LeFevre Quartet’s little temper tantrum served them well; they’re on Thursday night).
  • I always thought Fri-Sat nights at NQC, while beginning to show some wear around the edges as the die-hards start leaving, was a somewhat coveted spot nevertheless because it’s a chance to sing to a lot of new people in the audience (read comparatively younger people with jobs who can’t and wouldn’t want to spend a whole week in Louisville). This, I thought, explained why Friday and Saturday were historically full of top-tier groups with some also-rans mixed in for convenient bathroom and refreshment break (Specks = the New Hagees!). Maybe that’s no longer the case, and/but I was surprised to see BFA get shafted out of a Fri-Sat spot.
  • Saturday night might as well be themed: “Everybody who matters has already gone home so we’ll put a lot of bad music on the main stage.” But that said, in general the lineups seem a bit more balanced and diverse than I’ve recalled in recent years, though I’m not sure if that’s historically accurate.

Later Update: Bored at work, reader SM crunched some numbers on NQC mainstage appearances:

It’s all basically confirms the obvious, that NQC is mainly about the traditional male quartet–the ratio is around 1.5:1 in favor of quartets over trios, traditionals over progressives or “others” (i.e. bluegrass or groups that I feel that I couldn’t make an accurate judgement on), and all-male groups over mixed groups.

I thought I had wasted a bunch of time until I looked at the lineup of the AGM festival, which includes a couple of choirs and soloists like Larnelle Harris and Babbie Mason. The slant is still toward quartets, traditionals, and males, but the bias is far less than at NQC. I don’t know if this is the chance to make a first great impression by AGM, an attempt to distance itself somewhat from NQC, or something else entirely.

It’s also pretty surprising to think that Larnelle Harris, Babbie Mason, and several church choirs were AGM-ified before Gold City, the Kingsmen, Doves, etc.

Even more interesting than the fact that Harris, Mason, et al were AGM-ified so soon is that unlike sg types, they didn’t go around posting self-regarding press releases about their spiritual certification (notice, not a mention one about being spiritually certified on Harris’s awards and honors page). As a friend of mine put it earlier this week after reading the Triumphant press release, it sure seems like AGM is “taking advantage of southern gospel’s naive yearning to gain respectability, yet in the process, we are looking more foolish. It makes me angry, and it makes me sad.”

Even later update: In his random thoughts about NQC 07 lineups, David Bruce Murray has a nice run down of who’s in and out compared to last year. Among the most disappointing acts cut from the 07 lineup: Lordsong, the Martins, and THE ISAACS (!). Let’s hope this is one of those things that’s “subject to change,” in a good way.

And finally: Alert reader MM notices that “the Anchormen” are still on the 07 lineup even though the group that sang last year and the group that may sing in 07 is the same in name only. Maybe I should start a group called The Nelons or The Crabbs and see if I can get on the mainstage.

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  1. KB wrote:

    Jeff & Sheri Easter & Greg & Charlotte Ritchie seem to be the only major “Gaither” group performing this year (thanks to Sheri’s persuasion). The Booth Brothers are there, but they’re not quite as big of a Gaither group as the Easters & Ritchies.

    I notice the emphasis on the MIKE LeFevre Quartet…..

  2. stephen wrote:

    It looks like Mike LeFevre got his wish after all.

  3. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The most significant change that jumped out at me is Monday night. They dumped quartet night…what a bummer!

    While the ratio may still be 1.5 to 1 in favor of quartets, though, I always planned my trip for Mon-Wed specifically because Monday night was all male quartets.

    It will be interesting to see if this move backfires, because I have a feeling there are other fans who always came early in the week specifically for quartet night.

    It’s not like I’m a quartet elitist, though. I have said for years that a few of the major soloists ought to be added to the main program for the sake of variety. I’m just surprised to see what was considered to be a special treat for male quartet fans removed from the national QUARTET convention.

  4. Montana Man wrote:

    I’m curious how AGM checks out choirs … EACH and EVERY member of the choir? Sometimes that’s tough to maintain in a church! Also, if somebody/group flunked the spirituality certification, would it be publicized? Or are you OK if 3 of the 4 quartet members pass? I mean, I read that Ed Hill said he started the Prophets in 1959, sang with ‘em until 1973, and “got saved in 1978.”

  5. Montana Man wrote:

    This is curious, too. The “Anchormen” are singing on Monday night, but these “Anchormen” were in some unknown, obscure group until Will, Jason, Chad and Will quit in December to become “Driven.” Probably the only way Driven gets there is if they rent a booth. The “Anchormen” who will be singing on Mon night certainly are riding somebody else’s coat tails.

  6. Niven wrote:

    Montana Man…I’ve heard similar stories about Jim Murray, Rex Nelon and Mark Trammell.

  7. thom wrote:

    where are The Isaacs? and Monument Quartet? and First Love?

  8. Montana Man wrote:

    In No. 5, listings of names should be Alex, Jason, Chad and Will. Sorry..

  9. William wrote:

    I thought that the Artist Spotlight Showcases were for artists not on the main stage. The Mike Lefevre Quartet is not only on the main stage Thursday night, but also listed for the Artist Spotlight Showcase on Saturday.

  10. bc wrote:

    No Isaacs, no Crabbs, (none of them), no Mike and Kelly Bowling, no Freemans, no Gaither, no Signature Sound, no Crossway, no Janet Paschal, Martins. This seems like a true deaprture from reality. Who on this (NQC) program has the popularity to fill that huge building.What if all of these artists (the un-invited ones) websites, eblast lists and other marketing tools including info that directed the fans to an alternate event, and relayed the “we won’t be there” as Sheri Easter did last year.

    For the first time in many years I will stay home. The Isaacs being un-invited because of their clothing was enough for me!!

  11. Trent wrote:

    David, you mentioned on your website that Ricky Atkinson & Compassion are making their debut on the main stage. They have been on the main stage before.

  12. MM wrote:

    Just to clarify, I and Montana Man are not one and the same. No “sockpuppeting” here.

  13. JW wrote:

    bc, “The Isaacs being un-invited because of their clothing was enough for me!!”

    What’s the story here? What was wrong with their clothing?

  14. thom wrote:

    to bc: you list some great artists, i agree it is hard to believe they will not be there. I attended last year for the Fan Awards on Thursday night and noticed many. many empty seats. just a few years ago the hall would have been full on Thursday night. it will be interesting to see what the nqc board can do to revive this event. do you think it will ever be “sold out?” i doubt it, not when you snub these type of “headliner” artists. If Ben Isaac’s hat was enough to get them kicked out then the priorities are not in the right place in my humble opinion.

  15. jb wrote:

    I find it hard to believe that The Isaacs clothing were the deciding factor as to them being uninvited, however, I went to see them last yr. at a church in our community and I couldn’t believe that Ben didn’t remove his hat when they took the stage. To me that is just disrespectful. I think the Isaac ladies dress very classy, but, very casual.

  16. Jennifer wrote:

    I am SO disappointed in the lineup. It is ridiculous. No LordSong, Nelons, ES&SSQ, Isaacs, Martins, First Love, Mike and Kelly Bowling….ridiculous….and what the heck does the Isaacs clothing matter? And Ben’s hat?? Come on, let’s grow up.

  17. jb wrote:

    Jennifer:It’s not a matter of growing up.
    Would you feel the same about “Ben’s hat” if he didn’t remove it to sing The National Anthem. My point is that we raise our young men to remove their hats in and for certain things. If he is singing outside, maybe that is different, but, my father raised me that when you are in a church, you are on Holy Ground. Why wouldn’t you remove your hat?

  18. RNGfreckles wrote:

    The Isaacs’ clothing issue:

    I understand that the NQC has standards to uphold. And there must be a clothing standard or we’ll have groups up there in jeans and t-shirts, saying it’s no big deal.

    But the real problem lies with the NQC not asking Ben to refrain from wearing his hat. I think he would have understood. Not inviting them for wearing a hat is a lack of communication problem and, in my opinion, quite childish.

  19. Montana Man wrote:

    Just to clarify, MM (the poster) and I are not one and the same. No “sockpuppeting” here, either.

    And as to the identity of the “And finally… MM,” that is known only to Avery and that MM.

  20. Me wrote:

    Good knight. If southern gospel music keeps on going like this, I don’t think it will be around too much longer

  21. SL wrote:

    ben’s hat is handy in case they forget the offering plate. come on guys!

  22. MM wrote:

    Could it possibly not have anything to do with clothing at all? Could it be that these artist who aren’t at NQC have found it more financially advantageous to, say, go to South Africa, sell out a theatre, and shoot a video that will sell like mad in the states? Maybe its more (or less, imo) than just Ben’s hat. Could it be completely monetary?

  23. MM wrote:

    On page 42 of this months Singing News, it was announced that the members of Chapter IV will now be the new members of the Anchormen, I am guessing that this is who is scheduled for NQC. Is Driven listed anywhere?

  24. Jenn wrote:

    jb- ben had hair implants done a few times last year and was supposed to keep his head covered. i don’t care if he has a hat on or not at nqc. and yes, i would expect him to take it off during the national anthem. but, i don’t get into making issues over clothing/hats. my point is that i am disappointed in who is singing on the main stage this year.

  25. jb wrote:

    Jenn: Thanks for the response. I meant nothing by it and now that I know about the implants, that clears it up for me. God Bless

  26. Rita Stacy wrote:

    I saw the Isaacs at a local church

    Hats off to them, they were great !

    I would gladly go to a concert with the

    Isaccs, the Crabbs, Mike & Kelly Bowling

    and First Love!! Sounds better than a

    bunch of people worrying about a Hat!!!!!


    maybe ya’ll are just fruit inspectors,

    how is your furit today !

  27. Montana man wrote:

    MM, re your post No. 23 about Chap 4 and Driven … that’s what I was getting at in post No. 5 — the four new “Anchormen” had nothing to do with earning the spot on the main stage, and the four guys who were the Anchormen who earned the spot probably will have to rent a booth to be seen at NQC, although I certainly believe they’ll have an opportunity to be on somebody’s showcase — like their new agency, Dominion.

  28. Tom wrote:

    I think it would be really fun if NQC required men to remove their hairpieces before taking the stage. Then all would be on equal footing–those who wear hats and those who wear rugs, without having to embarrass one group or the other. Equal embarrassment for all, I say.

  29. ty wrote:

    I must agree that I was dissappointed in the Fri-Sat evening lineups. Thursday evening is rockin’ though. I gotta give ‘em that. More than anything, I’m VERY dissappointed in teh slashed Fan Awards. No Qt of the Year, No Bass, Baritone, Lead, or Tenor Awards - pretty much “no nothing.” Could this be because EHSS declined the invitation last year?
    BTW, EHSS WAS INVITED AND DECIDED NOT TO COME THIS YEAR! It’s not NQC’s fault. I’m dissappointed in Ernie in this case…

  30. jb wrote:

    I don’t think EHSSQ not showing up last yr. had anything to do with this yrs. fan awards. NQC can and will do whatever they want. It does not revolve around EHSSQ. If they were invited and have declined, maybe they don’t feel the need to be there. Makes no difference to me. There are a lot of great groups to listen to.

  31. Ron wrote:

    Now I have heard it all, Chuck Peters is reporting that Ivan Parker will perform on the Main Stage. Thats great, Im sure Charlie Burke giving up his post to his son Greg may have helped the soloist cause. Someone please tell me what have the Skyline Boys done for Gospel Music. Chuck is also reporting that they are singing on the Main Stage. Ive always heard that this NQC Board could be bought. Well now I beleive it. Ive been Playing Southern Gospel Music for 10 yrs. and have never even seen them on a compilation Disc. Have they ever charted on Singing News? How many dates do they do a year. Clark Beasley needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Ron F.

  32. cathy wrote:

    Here is something you can take to the bank….EH&SS, Gaither, and all the others
    HAVE BEEN invited to NQC, but THEY have declined. To me, they don’t care about the fans like before. The majority of fans are at NQC period. All groups should be there regardless of when or whether they sing. How can SG music be attractive to the younger ones if they feel all these groups don’t get along???????????

  33. will wrote:

    Good point, Cathy.

    GVB & EHSS were both invited and both declined. I’ve gone from an EHSS supporter to an “anything-but-them” guy. …then not even having the dignity to show up and graciously receive the awards…guess who I won’t be voting for this year??

  34. skyline singer wrote:

    This is in response to #31. Could you please enlighten us with your definition of “doing something for gospel music?” If you mean endless miles of travel, countless hours of rehearsal and performance, and 10’s of thousands of your own money spent to keep your group on the road, then we more than qualify.

    We were blessed to perform on main stage and it had nothing to do with “buying our spot.” As you can imagine, that can’t happen. As to your asking Clark Beasley to “wake up,” Clark is not even on the board so he has no input into talent selection for the NQC.

    Now as to your question about our radio presence. We have appeared on compilations from the Eddie Crook Company, Rick Hendricks Company, Rhonda Thompson Promotions, and Journey Records during the last 5 years. We have consistently charted songs in the Singing News with our last 2 singles reaching #35 and #18 respectively. I find it hard to believe that your radio station does not receive any of these compilations. We also perform a full-time schedule of about 175 dates per year. Thanks for your interest in our group. I hope this clears up any confusion as to our worthiness to appear at NQC.

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